Issue 6, 2019

Yum Yum!

article by Susan Letts , photo New Zealand, Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika by eliduke

We all need protein as part of a healthy diet, but would you be keen to get that protein from a six-legged critter? Read on and you just might change your mind.

Feel like a snack? A packet of potato chips? How about a bowl of crunchy crickets instead? Did you say ‘Yuck’?

Believe it or not, crickets and other bugs are tasty.

Now don’t go munching on insects from your garden. They need to be bred and prepared for eating.

Skye Blackburn—Food Scientist and Entomologist (a person who studies insects)—is an insect breeder. Sky started Australia’s first insect breeding farm in 2007. She has developed insect products to eat and cook with. These products are widely distributed throughout Australia.

Right now, farmers are discovering the benefits of breeding insects. This could be the start of a ‘Bug Boom’ in Australia!

Around the world, more than two billion people include insects in their diet. Why? Because bugs are actually good for you! Here are just some of the benefits of eating bugs:

  • They're nutritious
  • They’re rich in protein
  • Most bugs contain healthy fats, iron and calcium
  • They’re low in carbohydrates

Bugs are also good for the environment. They’re eco-friendly!

Meat production is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases. Animal methane and effluent waste are a large part of the problem.

With population growth comes an increased demand for grass-fed meats. This will have a significant impact on our environment. Substituting eco-friendly bugs will not only benefit us, but our planet as well.

Today, many chefs in Australia include insects in their dishes. They are mindful of nutrition and the benefits of eco-friendly food. There is even an Insect Only café!

Are you ready to be bugged?

When you are offered a snack of crunchy crickets or roasted mealworms, or if you see bugs on the menu, be brave and give them a try.

You might just say, ‘YUM YUM!’




Comprehension: ‘Yum Yum!’