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View Countdown
Ages 7—9 years

Countdown is a literary treasure trove that inspires and captivates newly independent readers.

Blast Off
View Blast Off
Ages 9—10 years

Blast Off excites and delights inquisitive and independent readers, consolidating their knowledge of English.

View Orbit
Ages 10—11 years

Orbit captures the imagination of skilled readers through crafted texts and engaging illustrations.

View Touchdown
Ages 11 + years

Touchdown delivers a rich array of texts, allowing capable readers to explore the exciting world of literature.

Close Reading
View Close Reading
Ages 6—13 years

Close Reading provides an opportunity for multiple readings of the same text, focusing on different textual elements such as key ideas, details, craft, structure, and language features, including vocabulary and grammatical analysis.

Dharug Vocabulary
View Dharug Vocabulary
Ages 7—13 years

These Dharug Vocabulary Illustrations and Audio Files have been created and recorded by Dharug Language Custodian, Jasmine Seymour. It is essential to use the audio file in conjunction with the illustration.

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Aaren, author of the testimonial

"I love your magazine so much that when I get it I literally read the whole thing straight away. I enjoy reading the magazines over and over again. I hope you continue making wonderful magazines for years to come."

Allysa, author of the testimonial

"Your magazine is so cool because you have cool cartoons, crosswords and very good poems. The plays are very hilarious. You have magic tricks that are amazing but quite hard. I really like the puzzling tales. You make the best mag! Keep up the good work!"