Countdown Blast Off Orbit Touchdown Close Reading Dharug Vocabulary

Engaging text types and content available in both print and digital

Countdown Blast Off Orbit Touchdown Close Reading Dharug Vocabulary
Print magazine

Print magazines

Young minds are captivated from cover to cover with magazines packed full of fiction, articles, plays, poems and more for developing readers.

A print subscription includes

A selection from four magazines titles

10 issues per year (Feb-Nov)

Downloadable PDF learning resources mapped to Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabus outcomes

Delivery Australia wide

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Ages 7—9 years

Countdown is a literary treasure trove that inspires and captivates newly independent readers.

Ages 9—10 years

Blast Off excites and delights inquisitive and independent readers, consolidating their knowledge of English.

Ages 10—11 years

Orbit captures the imagination of skilled readers through crafted texts and engaging illustrations.

Ages 11 + years

Touchdown delivers a rich array of texts, allowing capable readers to explore the exciting world of literature.

Ages 6—13 years

Close Reading provides an opportunity for multiple readings of the same text, focusing on different textual elements such as key ideas, details, craft, structure, and language features, including vocabulary and grammatical analysis.

Ages 7—13 years

These Dharug Vocabulary Illustrations and Audio Files have been created and recorded by Dharug Language Custodian, Jasmine Seymour. It is essential to use the audio file in conjunction with the illustration.

Learning Resources for teachers

Learning resources are developed for individual activities to help bring learning to life in your classroom. Mapped to NSW syllabus and Australian Curriculum outcomes, our learning resources will provide you with fun and engaging strategies for your classroom.

Digital content

Digital content

Discover exclusive digital content created for online audiences with a range of resources. Search and explore content from all magazine types to plan your classroom activities for your students as part of your literacy program.

A digital subscription includes

Access to all four e-magazine titles

A library of content including learning resources, interactive audio, and video content

Customisable student access to digital content

Curate content to use in your classroom with your students

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Engaging text types and interactive content available in both print and digital