The Pink Fairy of South America

article by Zoë Disher , photo by Alamy

Learning intention:

I am learning to locate key ideas in an informative text so that I can understand more about the topic and demonstrate my knowledge.


Success criteria:

  • I can extract key facts from an article
  • I can add relevant visual elements to accompany these facts
  • I can organise my information in a visually appealing and informative way using an infographic.


Have students read the article and ask them to identify facts about the pink fairy armadillo. Answers may include:


  • Leathery shell on head and back
  • Strong claws for digging
  • Sends blood to its shell to cool down when it feels hot
  • Smallest armadillo
  • Around 13cm long
  • Over ten times shorter than a giant armadillo
  • Live underground
  • Burrow in sandy dunes
  • Come out at night to feed.


Inform students they are going to use this information to create an infographic about the pink fairy armadillo. To do this, they should consider how they will include the facts in sentences, how they will lay out their text and which information lends itself to visual representations through graphics or images. For inspiration in how to do this and put together an animal infographic, allow them to explore 20 Knowledgeful Animal Infographics.