The Monster-sorter

story by Katie Furze , illustrated by Christopher Nielsen

Learning intention:  

I am learning to think about ideas and language more broadly so that I can add more depth to my vocabulary. 

Success criteria: 

  • I can suggest descriptive words for characters in a text 
  • I can recognise positive qualities in myself and others 
  • I can create my own interpretation of a ‘monster sorter’ from the text 

After reading the story, ask the students to recall the words that were used to describe the monsters in Albert’s family: 

  • Noisy (raucous, rowdy, riotous) 
  • Scary (fearsome, frightening, ferocious) 
  • Stinky (reeking, rank, rancid)  
  • Hairy (furry, fluffy, fuzzy) 

Next, choose three of the following words and write them on the board: 

  • Huggy
  • Cookie
  • Bouncy
  • Slimy
  • Messy
  • Invisible
  • Sea
  • Icy

Remind students that these are the types of monsters Albert found while he was wandering. Ask students to list words that help describe the three types of monsters you have chosen. They should produce at least three words for each. If needed, help get them started with some examples such as: 

  • Huggy – cuddly 
  • Bouncy – rubbery 
  • Slimy - oozy 

Next, ask students to write down three words that describe themselves, but they must describe the same attribute (e.g. funny, witty, hilarious / sporty, athletic, active). Ask students if this is the only way to describe them, or if they also have other qualities. Discuss the fact that we are all individuals that do not fit into a single category, as there are many interesting things about us all. 

Have students draw their interpretation of a ‘monster sorter.’ They should choose three people to sort. This may be themselves, family, friends, or people they admire. They should use 3-5 words to describe each person (remind them to use positive language and kind words). They should draw each person in their monster sorter, write their names and associated words, as well as a fortune for each. Students may refer to the fortunes in the story for inspiration, which are: 

  • You will travel to many places 
  • Your fortune is as sweet as a cookie 
  • The time is always right to do what is right 
  • A dream you have will come true