Sylphie's Squizzes: The Perfect Sandcastle

article by Zoë Disher , photos by Alamy

Learning intention:

I am learning to convey textual information orally so that I can create a how-to vlog.


Success criteria:

  • I can convert textual information into a script
  • I can perform the script using effective communication skills
  • I can use visual cues to help clarify information for the viewer


After reading the article, tell students they will be creating a how-to vlog explaining to the viewer how to make a sandcastle like a professional.


Ask students what makes a good how-to vlog. Sample answers may include using language and tone suitable for the target audience, demonstrating while speaking, speaking to the camera, using suitable voice expression to keep viewers interested.


Watch the YouTube video How to Make a Video! from 1 min 29 sec. Finish at 3 min 19 sec. Ask students to review what was said in the video so they have a good understanding of what they need to think about while making their own.


Students get into pairs or groups of three. Have them write a script together incorporating the information from the article as an oral presentation. They shouldn’t just read the article for their presentation – it has to be in their own words. Using a tablet or phone, students can go outside to the playground or jumps sandpit to film their presentation. All students should have a speaking role.


Assessment for and of learning:

Co-construct with your class a Vlog feedback form which identifies the elements that are normally present in an engaging Vlog. Align these statements to a 1-5 marking scale so that children can assess their peers.



EXTENSION: Students who are able to use editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Rush can edit their video.