Sticky Tape

poem by Zoë Disher , illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

Learning Intention:

I am learning about the way that written and visual elements can work together to create a more interesting text so that I can experiment with this in my poetry.


Success Criteria:

  • I can discuss the way that visual layout can enhance a text
  • I can compose a poem on a particular topic
  • I can create a visual layout in the form of a shape poem that is relevant to my writing


Understanding text:

Distribute copies of the magazine to all students and ask them to read the poem Sticky Tape, allowing them to work out where they feel the poem should start. Once they have figured it out and read the text, discuss the way the author cleverly made use of the shape of a sticky tape roll to structure their poem into a never-ending loop.


Creating text:


Inform students that they will be creating their own shape poems. Explain that to do this, they simply need to choose a specific item or topic to write about and write a draft on paper as normal. Once they have finalised their poem, they should decide what shape it should take. This may be straight forward if their poem is about something specific such as their dog, a star or a house, or they may need to decide on a shape if their topic is a little more abstract. For example:

  • If their poem is about a day at the beach, they may create it in the shape of a surfboard or a bucket.
  • If their poem is about love, they may create it in the shape of a heart.
  • If their poem is about a tropical holiday they went on, they may create it in the shape of an airplane or a palm tree.


Display or model l an example on the board, such as:


Allow students time to write their first draft and decide on their shape. They should then practice their layout on a scrap piece of paper by drawing an outline of their shape with a pencil, then writing their poem inside it. They may need to experiment with this and make changes to the size and layout until they are happy with it. Once satisfied, students should publish their poem by recreating their poem and shape layout on a clean sheet of paper.

Assessment for learning:

Once all are completed, conduct a gallery walk so that students have an opportunity to read and view each other’s work.