Ju and Grandmama

story by Janeen Brian , illustrated by Anna Bron

Learning Intention: 

I am learning to connect stories to my own ideas, so that I can further relate to the experiences of others. 


Success Criteria: 

  • I can link the character’s experiences to my own. 
  • I can use the character’s ideas and actions to inspire my own. 
  • I can make a creative plan for my idea, explaining my choices and reasoning. 


After reading the text, discuss Ju’s desire to buy the expensive silk for her dying grandmother and how hard she worked to afford it. Ask students if they have ever worked hard to give something to somebody else and if they are willing to share their stories. Like Ju, this may include saving to buy someone a gift they’d love.  

Further discuss Ju’s idea in using the scraps instead, and how her creative thinking meant that she ended up making something far more meaningful for her grandmother. 

Instruct students to think about a way that they could make something for someone they care about by using discarded materials or repurposing items. 

  • Discuss some ideas to give the students inspiration, such as: 
  • A bookmark made from cardboard and pressed flowers  
  • A blanket made from pieces of old clothing that have been sewn together 
  • A photo frame made from scrap wood and shells 

Once students have decided on their idea, they should draw a design of their creation in their books and write a paragraph about its construction and purpose. This should include: 

  • What materials they would use 
  • How they would make their creation 
  • If it has any special meaning 
  • Who it is for 
  • Why they have chosen to make that particular item for the person of their choice 

Students should be encouraged to follow through with their creations at home, where possible.