story by Janeen Brian , illustrated by Fifi Colston

Respond to the text by making personal judgements about the main character’s actions and motivations.

After reading the story, students complete the companion worksheet Frogman Story Review to start them thinking about the text and Rosie’s motivations

Once the worksheet is complete, have a class discussion on Rosie’s first action and her motivation behind it. Ensure students understand that Rosie took Frogman out of the aquarium because she believed Frogman was the only one in the classroom who knew it was her birthday and wanted to keep him. Ask students to consider whether they think this was a right or wrong action. Encourage them to keep Rosie’s motivations in mind and to consider the following questions:

- Why did no one in the classroom know it was Rosie’s birthday?

- Does it say something about how caring the teacher was?

- Why hasn’t Rosie brought in cake for the others to share?

- Does she have any friends?

- How might these points factor into Rosie’s motivations?

Have students place themselves across the classroom depending on whether they agree with her action of taking Frogman out of the aquarium. If they strongly believe she did the right thing, they go to the very front of the classroom. If they strongly believe she did the wrong thing, they go to the back of the classroom. Otherwise, they are to position themselves relative to the front or the back of the classroom depending on how closely they align with each side. If they believe there are solid arguments on both sides, they should be in the very centre. Go along the line and ask select students from across the room why they chose their position. Explain that this is a personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Students return to their seats. Write the following on the board for students to copy into their workbooks:

Rosie felt Frogman was the only one who knew it was her birthday and wanted to keep him à She took him out of the aquarium à FEELINGS

In place of the word “feelings”, students write their personal opinions on the action and motivation, as discussed in the previous activity. When complete, they repeat this text chain using the other actions and motivations they listed in the companion worksheet. Remind students to think deeper about Rosie’s motivations, including the fact that perhaps she doesn’t have any friends.