Election Hiccups

story by Kylie Fornasier , illustrated by Queenie Chan

Learning Intention:  

I am learning to write from the point of view of different characters so that I can further understand the different ways people perceive things. 

Success Criteria: 

  • I can identify the feelings of the main character in a story. 
  • I can consider what the feelings of other characters may be. 
  • I can write a story that tells the experience of a different character from the original text. 

Essential knowledge: 

Information about identifying different points of view in a text can be found in the English Textual Concepts video Point of View. 

After reading the story, discuss whose point of view it is written from (Chris’) and how he was feeling about running for school captain (e.g. stressed, anxious, trapped). Ask students to find textual evidence of this, or if you have a digital subscription, you may wish to have the students take notes as they listen to the story audio.  

Answers may include: 

‘I flop onto the lounge and bury my head under a pillow. I imagine myself being attacked by razor-sharp palm cards whizzing through the air.’ 

‘I should have commando-rolled under the coffee table and out the door.’ 

‘I’m caught in an election nightmare.’ 

‘My heart rate reaches 200 beats per minute, and I jolt awake as if shocked by electricity.’ 

Discuss Charlotte’s involvement in Chris’ campaign and how the author lets the reader know that she is more interested in his campaign than he is, asking students for examples from the text. Answers may include: 

‘Chris, I need an answer now. Do you want your slogan to be “Chris Carter Cares” or “Chris Carter Can”?’ 

‘Charlotte stamps her feet. ‘Dad, make Chris take this seriously!’’ 

‘Charlotte’s intention is to make the school a better place but she tends to annoy people in the process.’ 

‘If Charlotte were more popular, she’d be running for school captain. Instead, she’s transferred all her energy into ensuring I get elected.’ 

Ask students to consider how Charlotte would feel watching her uninterested brother run for a position that she would care about and perform well in (e.g. frustrated, jealous, annoyed). They should then write a retelling of the election campaign from Charlotte’s perspective. In doing this, they should take different aspects of the story into consideration, such as: 

  • The attention and pressure Chris is getting from their dad about the campaign. 
  • The effort Charlotte is putting into helping her brother win the election. 
  • The turn of events when Chris gets the hiccups. 
  • Charlotte’s attempts to get rid of Chris’ hiccups. 
  • The feeling in the crowded hall when everyone is gathering to hear the speeches.` 
  • Chris explaining that he thinks Charlotte should take his place. 
  • Mrs Pearce announcing that Charlotte can now run for school captain, as long as she does a speech.