Coming Soon to a Dog Near You

poem by Diana Murray , illustrated by Peter Cheong

Learning intention:

I am learning to create a news report so that I can present it with multimodal elements appropriate to the audience.

Success criteria:  

  • I can describe the flea circus setting in the Poem
  • I can create a News Report from the details in the Poem
  • I can present a News Report orally to an audience.

With the class, read the poem and discuss the setting. Using the image and text, think pair share , discuss what a Travelling Flea Circus may look like. Students can draw details in their workbook to develop a Circus setting.

As a class, read several examples of clear news reports. Generate a matrix of elements that must be present to write a successful news report (See below for example of criteria that should be included) Record ideas with students and mark each of the sample news reports against the class criteria. Establish with the classroom which news article was the most successful and why? Encourage children to ensure they include these elements into their own written news report.

Success Criteria for News Report:

  • Headline
  • Byline
  • Location
  • Lead paragraph with the 4 W’s (who, where, when, why)
  • Body paragraph with what and how
  • Second paragraph include an interviewed person and quotation
  • Last paragraph, include any additional information
  • Write in a clear, concise, and correct manner.

Have students create a group of 2-3. Read each students’ News Report and decide on one report that the group will use in their live report.

Decide on the News Team roles-

  • Video recorder– using Ipad
  • Props and assistant – to create an authentic News Room
  • Director- oversees the production
  • News reader

Students can record their News Report using an Ipad, or use an app such as TeleStory or  present as a live News item to the class.