Budgie Buddies

article by Emma Heyde , BUDGIE-PERIQUITO by cuatrok77 is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Learning intention:

I am learning to extract knowledge from information articles so that I can apply it to my own work.


Success criteria:

  • I can identify differences between domesticated budgies and wild budgies
  • I can use information from the article to create a presentation
  • I can order my presentation in a logical sequence, including a title page, facts and images


Read the first page of the text, then watch the video Meet Disco the Incredible Talking Budgie. Ask students to identify aspects of the video that demonstrate points from the article. These may include:

  • Mimicking what his owner says
  • Having toys and a mirror in his cage
  • Enjoying affection from his owner
  • Quiet chirping instead of loud screeching

Read the second page of the article, then show the students the online Map of Indigenous Australia and ask if they can locate Warlpiri (large olive green area directly north of the Great Australian Bight). Watch the video Biggest Swarm of Budgies and ask students to identify points demonstrated from the article These may include:

  • They are flying around the deserts of central Australia
  • The area they are in is hot and dry
  • They feed on wild flower seeds
  • They fly around in flocks searching for food in their natural environment

Using their knowledge of budgerigars, students should choose to create a digital presentation on either pet budgies or wild budgies. Each presentation should include a title page, images and several facts of their choosing. Digital tools such as PowerPoint or Google Slides can be used, and students may present their work to the class.