Bornean Bearded Pig

article by Mina , photo by Alamy

Learning intention:

We are learning to use factual information in imaginative texts.

Success criteria:

Students identify facts and features of the Bornean bearded pig

Students create their own character using characteristics described in the article

Students create a comic strip that incorporates information from the article, such as setting and behaviours

Create a Bornean bearded pig character and compose a 'day in the life' comic strip.

After reading the article, revise and list facts about the Bornean bearded pig, such as:

It has a long snout and facial hair.

It lives in Southeast Asia, often in the rainforest and sometimes in mangrove forests or beaches.

It is the only native wild pig in Borneo.

It is usually hard to see them because of how thick the forest is.

They swim between islands and are good at climbing and jumping.

They are 1 - 1.6m long and up to 1m tall to their shoulder.

They spend their days searching for food, rolling in mud and sleeping.

They are omnivores, which means they eat meat and vegetables.

They have a strong sense of smell and use their snout to dig into the ground.

They search for treats like roots, worms and insects.

The mothers and young pigs live in a herd of up to 200 members, but the older males live by themselves and join the herd for breeding season.

They live in one place, but migrate once a year.

Based on these elements, students should create a Bornean bearded pig comic book character. They should decide whether their character is young or adult, and male or female, which may determine whether they will be with the herd or by themselves. They should also decide which of the settings their character lives in. Tell the students to consider what their character’s personality will be like. For example, will they be grumpy, social or playful?

Once students have established their character, they should create a comic strip in the style of a ‘day in the life’ adventure, taking into consideration the behaviours and abilities of the Bornean bearded pigs, such as seeking out food, rolling in the mud and swimming to other islands.