Alby and Me

story by Wendy Graham , illustrated by Sheree Fiala

Learning intention:

I am learning to include planning and detailed steps in my instructions so that I can refine my procedural writing.

Success criteria:

  • I can create a goal for my procedural text.
  • I can list equipment and ingredients that would be needed to carry out my instructions.
  • I can identify three main steps necessary to achieve my goal, and divide them into more detailed instructions.


After reading the story, discuss why Alby was so responsive to Harley. Students should use information from the text to support their opinions, such as:

  • Harley gives Alby positive attention.
  • Harley uses a gentle voice with Alby.
  • Harley shows patience with Alby.
  • Harley takes the time to learn what Alby’s behaviours are and what he will respond well to.
  • Harley provides rewards that he knows Alby will enjoy for positive reinforcement.

Remind students that at the end of the story, Harley was thinking about plans with Alby for next time he visits Auntie Kay. Students are to choose one of these tasks and write a procedural text for it.

  • Teach Alby how to dance to music
  • Refurbish Alby’s aviary with items such as toys, a mirror and real branches

Instruct students that their procedural texts should be formatted in the following sections:


This should be the refurbishment of the care or teaching Alby to dance ( teachers may also prefer students to come up with their own ideas for Alby and Harley to do)


This may include treats for Alby, a broom stick, bird toys, or a mirror, depending on what students choose.


Should include 3 main steps.

Diagram (optional):

Students may wish to draw a diagram of certain steps if they feel it will be helpful.


An example of a procedural text should be modelled first using the above format to assist students in understanding how their completed text should look. Some topic suggestions that allow for student contribution may include:

  • How to make a salad sandwich
  • How to bath a dog
  • How to decorate for a party

This modelling should allow for student input as the teacher demonstrates the structure. Once this is complete, leave it on the board as a reference for students as they complete their own procedural texts about Alby.