Our books are now closed for artists’ submissions.

Artists on our eligibility list are sent texts to illustrate throughout the year, including poems, stories, plays, nonfiction articles and activities. We value a broad range of styles (particularly, at the moment, realistic styles, and a light-hearted/whimsical approach to nonfiction articles). We publish fantasy, humour, folktales, historical drama, sci-fi and a mixture of these genres. Our readers are in the 8–12 year-old reading age range, so illustrations must be appropriate and engaging and appealing to readers across this age range.

Submission guidelines

Interested illustrators should submit their portfolio digitally to [email protected]

Put the words 'Illustrator Portfolio' in the subject line.


Closing date for all portfolios: Friday 19 June 2020

Submission Update

The School Magazine Editorial Team are assessing all the applications and will respond to each submission in July 2020.