Each Teaching Guide has four teaching ideas pages that offer teachers a rich array of ways to explore a single text. Teachers use teaching ideas to ‘springboard’ ideas encouraging creativity and innovation in delivery of lesson plans.

Teaching ideas offer ideas and suggestions for a range of abilities and for different strands of the curriculum.

Each teaching idea page includes between two and four ideas. The ideas are brief and aim to encourage teachers to think differently. The teaching ideas pages cover a wide range of topics, concepts and are designed to support all levels of ability. Most ideas concentrate on one text but may cover up to three different texts from the one magazine issue giving the teacher scope to use different texts to reinforce what they are teaching.

The subheading for each teaching idea includes the codes from the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus of the ideas being addressed.

Differentiated teaching ideas

Differentiated teaching ideas are designed to explore the ONE outcome for students at support, core and extension levels

  • Core level: This is for a standard class approach.
  • Support level: Ideas are offered for students who need assistance to grapple with concepts, or for students who need specific help with language or literacy — English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) students, for example.

Comparative teaching ideas

Comparative teaching ideas examines two or three different texts from one issue of the magazine. It might explore a theme through two poems and a play, for example, or look at how a story develops ideas that are echoed in the poems.