The insights page focuses firmly on you, the teacher. A lot is expected of you as a teacher, and we know that every teacher can’t be an expert in every field. The aim of this page is to help teachers in their professional development, by explaining, in a more detailed way, or supporting the exploration of a particular topic.

Each Teaching Guide offers something different on the insights page. Progressively from issue to issue the insights page offers focussed and comprehensive examinations of particular topics to create continuity in learning.

Past insights have covered such topics as:

  • narrative elements — characterisation, persuasion, minor characters, tone and mood, closure
  • poetry — responding through the senses; sound play; what is poerty for?; free verse; comparing and contrast in poems; tone; word choice; teaching narrative poetry; poetic lists; poetry of place; colour, imagery and the written poem
  • grammar — pronouns, positions and agreement; tenses; insight into nouns; adjectives; adverbials; modality; direct and indirect speech; conjunctions and connectives; clauses: the basics
  • English concepts — understanding; character; genre; narrative; point of view; connotation, imagery and symbol; representation.