2019 Topics

16 Feb 2018

We have recently introduced a topics-based approach to our magazines, to enhance teacher lesson planning. The topics will be consistent across all four levels of the magazine, enabling teachers to better plan lessons and cross-curriculum bodies of work around subject, themes or approaches.

Content topic framework for 2019

All four magazines each month will be based around a common topic.

IssueCountdownBlast offOrbitTouchdown
April Lest We ForgetLest We Forget Lest We Forget Lest We Forget
May JourneysJourneysJourneysJourneys
June ConnectionsConnections ConnectionsConnections
JulyCountry and PlaceCountry and PlaceCountry and PlaceCountry and Place
AugustCelebrate ScienceCelebrate ScienceCelebrate ScienceCelebrate Science
OctoberFantasy & Science fictionFantasy & Science fictionFantasy & Science fictionFantasy & Science fiction

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