Our current list of illustrators is full.

Most years, we invite illustrators to apply to be on the eligibility list for occasional or regular commissioned work for The School Magazine.

Artists on our eligibility list are sent texts to illustrate throughout the year, including poems, stories, plays, nonfiction articles and activities. We value a broad range of artistic styles and techniques. We publish fantasy, humour, folktales, historical drama, sci-fi and a mixture of these genres. Our readers are in the 8-12 year old reading age range, so illustrations must be appropriate and engage and appeal to readers across this age range.


The School Magazine publishes one-panel cartoons. We welcome submissions of these at any time.


  • square format
  • puns and wordplay appealing to children
  • attach PDFs to an email
  • rough or finished artwork welcome
  • must be original material
  • email to: submissions.tsm@det.nsw.edu.au

Illustrator contributor samples

Illustration samples (artists from L-R): Anna Bron; Aśka; Peter Sheehan