Issue 8

Countdown cover issue 8 2017Countdown: Climb aboard for a swashbuckling adventure. Prepare to meet a bunch of unconventional pirates in this month's play, then have a go at drawing your very own motley crew. Read a terrific article about bicycles, enjoy a Japanese folktale about a boy and his passion for painting cats, and immerse yourself in some beautiful poetry.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of literary value; planning and publishing a poster; using comprehension strategies to make meaning; identifying alliteration; navigating websites; writing descriptions of pirates; exploring unfamiliar words; sharing and presenting information about the Netherlands; exploring paragraphs; and creating group raps.

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Blast Off cover issue 8 2017Blast Off: Talking dogs? Get ready for a story about Boris and Pluto—two very unusual canines. There's a heart-warming tale about a girl and a bull, a hilarious poem about a runny nose that literally runs away and an article about things that were invented by accident. Take to the stage in a laugh-out-loud play and meet an artist who creates the most amazing artworks.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of literary value; expressing preferences; using adverbials; identifying similes; discussing salience; writing in the first person; creating noun groups; reaching conclusions; visualising the moment; creating a comic strip; discussing character motivations; creating a villain; and using prefixes.

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Orbit cover issue 8 2017

Orbit: This month you'll read part one of a fabulous story about Mungo and the chooks; it's a great yarn. There's an informative article about metamorphosis, a historical story about Galileo, a poultry puzzlement about supercells and tornadoes, and poems that leap right off the page.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of literary value; writing reviews; discussing irregular plurals; identifying the purpose of prologues; exploring stage directions and body language; defining dramatic irony; having fun with puns; writing a biography; writing a metamorphosis poem; and studying poetic form and structure.

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Touchdown cover issue 8 2017

Touchdown: There are treasures of old in this month's mag. Delve into the world of heraldry and explore the use of colours, patterns and emblems to represent families and institutions. There's a fractured fairytale to perform, a series of diary extracts from a girl who befriends Cinderella and an assortment of evocative verses.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of literary value; comparing and contrasting modern fairytales with traditional fairytales; investigating mood in poetry; creating an information bank or glossary; creating a comprehensive quiz; identifying complex sentences; using headings, illustrations and caption; exploring word origins; and identifying comma-separated phrases and clauses.

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