Issue 6

Countdown cover issue 6 2017Countdown: Open with care! There are animals leaping, sliding and crawling through the pages of this mag. Journey to Snake Island, meet some very problematic pets, perform a play about a chook that loves books, meet a magpie with an appetite for dog biscuits and dive into a poem about the magpie mafia. Oh, and grab some scissors and glue … there's a sock snowman to make!

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of point of view; exploring anthropomorphism; planning and composing a narrative; identifying informal and informal texts; creating a bush food menu; writing a journal entry; creating a Powerpoint presentation of what magpies eat; adding ‘ing' to words; and reading for meaning.

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Blast Off cover issue 6 2017Blast Off: This issue is out of this world! You'll read a story about giant chameleon aliens who like ice-cream, perform a play with some scary-looking characters and discover what can go wrong when your dad owns a time machine. There's a great article about the ukulele and a fascinating ‘Art and About' that will guide you on a sculpture walk around Sydney's Lavender Bay.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of point of view; understanding how homonyms and homophones can create humour; exploring character representation; paragraphing quoted speech; identifying unfamiliar words; revising noun groups and phrases; experimenting with appropriate tone; editing a play script; and creating a cliff hanger.

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Orbit cover issue 6 2017

Orbit: That's a wrap! Take a front seat look at what goes on in the world of movie-making and find out about some of the incredible roles people play. Meet a boy who will go above and beyond (literally!) for fish ‘n' chips, find out the truth behind the dancing bones and read part two of ‘Sky-blue Boots'. Perform a great play and enjoy an abundance of beautiful poetry.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of point of view; predicting when reading informative texts; exploring how adjective groups/phrases can be expanded; identifying complex sentences; performing a radio play; writing part two of a story; studying sentence openings; highlighting tricky spellings; and designing a poster.

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Touchdown cover issue 6 2017

Touchdown: This month you'll travel to Egypt and delve into the fascinating world of the pyramids. Read part one of an intriguing story about an Egyptian boy and his talent for carving, take to the stage in a play about Anansi and the Sky God and meet a very clever blacksmith an a Ugandan folktale. This issue is full of magic and mysterious myths.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of point of view; analysing two different trickster tales from Africa; composing an advertisement for the legendary Cole's Book Arcade; identifying imagery vs reality; writing a poem; exploring the use of rhyming patterns; discussing irony; identifying formal language; comparing objective and subjective language; and identifying metaphors.

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