Issue 5

Countdown cover issue 5 2016Countdown: Chocolate lovers, get ready for a jaw-dropping article about chocolate statues, and meet Larry Brandy, an Aboriginal man with a very special kangaroo skin cloak. Read part two of the story about the three strong women, then read about a young girl with a very special grandpa. There's a comical play about rubbish, poems to make you smile and a great new writing comp.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Narrative; exploring verbs; working cooperatively to plan, rehearse and perform a play script; compiling a table to record findings; ordering words alphabetically; identifying aboriginal symbols, designing an artwork that tells a story; creating a crossword; identifying perspective; writing a prequel to a story; and brainstorming consonant digraphs.

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Blast Off cover issue 5 2017Blast Off: This month's mag has something for everyone. There's dog stories, an article about the sport of kendo, a graphic retelling of an Aesop's fable and a cricket word puzzle. Read about the legend of ‘The Seven Sisters of the Sky', perform a great new play all about reading and fire up your imaginations for the writing competition.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Narrative; writing a complication including multiple elements of tension; writing brief factual and opinion pieces; writing a brief narrative about character faults; creating a graphic story; exploring poem structure; delving into an illustration; reading with rhythm; writing dialogue; performing a short extract; reading for meaning; creating a constellation myth; and identifying the main idea.

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Orbit cover issue 5 2017

Orbit: Brace yourself for a very tall story that is out of this world, read a riotous play about a missing teapot, uncover a detective word and meet two men who became collectors of Norwegian folktales. Did the green children of Woolpit really exist? ... decide for yourself, after reading a rather puzzling article. It's competition time, Orbitoids!

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Narrative, understanding how different points of view in a narrative can affect a story, using appropriate metalanguage to describe the plot, exploring poetic imagery, creating a shape poem, exploring wordless picture books, researching a well-known astronaut and writing a diary entry, writing the opening scene of a movie and examining descriptive character phrases.

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Touchdown cover issue 5 2017

Touchdown: Some people say that you can never have too many friends. Read a fascinating article that explores what friendship is, and how many friends you need to have. There's a story that will have you on the edge of your seat, an article about the baobab—nicknamed the tree of life—and poems about country nights, dead trees and rock music. Don't forget to enter the writing comp!

Teaching Guide includes includes exploring the English concept of Narrative, exploring the genre of historical fiction, writing a story opening, identifying authentic setting details, connecting to personal experience, exploring intertextuality, creating an infographic, using research in an imaginative text, identifying free verse poetry and creating a crossword puzzle.

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