Issue 4

Countdown cover issue 4 2017Countdown: Slither into a sensational article about slimy slugs and meet Harold, the dribbliest of slugs, in a very funny poem. Read part one of a story about three incredibly strong women, perform a play about an ant and a grasshopper, meet a young girl with a pet pigeon and challenge yourself to find a bird word.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Genre, identifying onomatopoeia, analysing the structure of paragraphs in nonfiction texts, introducing fables and comparing different versions, navigating websites, identifying the mood of stories and writing a real estate advertisement.

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Blast Off cover issue 4 2017Blast Off: Strap yourself in for the final instalment of ‘Jools and Vern and the Theatre of Clouds'—it's alarming! Take a look inside the world of Creature Technology and find out just how these gigantic creatures are brought to life. Read a fascinating article about school in the Amazon, perform a terrific play about King Midas and his magic touch and make your own disappearing tiger.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Genre, creating character maps to chart growth, identifying point of view and rewriting a section of text from an alternative point of view, writing a travel blog, writing a postcard reply, identifying and creating puns in poetry, speech writing and presentation, writing dialogue, manipulating a given text, and poetry writing.

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Orbit cover issue 4 2015

Orbit: Journey back to the Wild West in a hilarious play about a brave sheriff, meet a tiny little fellow who only comes out at night and test your rhyming powers in a great new activity. Discover some of the world's weirdest and wackiest sports and take a glimpse at a sport that requires you to pull the ugliest face possible.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Genre, exploring ways in which an author encourages a reader to feel empathy for a character, using sentence beginnings to make predictions, devising a small group oral presentation, comparing handwriting styles, identifying similes and metaphors, writing a flashback, editing poetry, creating a false impression and using precise vocabulary.

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Touchdown cover issue 4 2017

Touchdown: Dive into part two of ‘Something Fishy' and find out if Fran and Pencils eventually get their story. Immerse yourself in the words of two of Australia's greatest poets—‘Banjo' Patterson and CJ Dennis, read an intriguing article about Lasseter's Reef and decide for yourself whether it's fact or fiction, complete a gold fever word search and join palaeontologists as they investigate the world's largest-ever dinosaur stampede.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of Genre; identifying, labelling and comparing rhyme schemes in poetry; forming an opinion as to whether Harold Lasseter was a conman or an unlucky explorer; researching and presenting on a given topic; discussing the technique of using questions as sentence openings; identifying instances of repetition; comparing fiction and nonfiction accounts; using vocabulary to change mood; and creating tongue twisters.

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