Issue 3

Countdown cover issue 3 2017Countdown: Read an interesting article about pencils: who invented them, and how they came about. Feast your eyes on some very peculiar fruit; they have to be seen to be believed! There's a lovely story about talking chooks, a play about a walking tree and a poem about the game of hide-and-seek.

Teaching Guide includes understanding that a clause contains a subject and a verb that need to be in agreement; using digital technology to construct a multimodal advertisement; designing posters; identifying point of view; recognising tenses; analysing and creating a poem that follows a given rhyming pattern; letter writing, writing a review and creating a movie trailer.

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Blast Off cover issue 3 2017Blast Off: Join Jools and Vern as they sail into part one of a thrilling new adventure. Meet a rogainer and find out what makes this adventurous sport so enjoyable. Perform a play about a rat family in search of a husband for their daughter, solve a very clever word puzzle and learn how to grow your own rosemary.

Teaching Guide includes scanning a text for information; planning and constructing an interview; writing stories with a moral; reading visually; highlighting similes and metaphors, writing detailed descriptions; writing the next chapter; performing a piece from the play; writing in character and working with alliteration.

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Orbit cover issue 3 2017

Orbit: Meet the toughest little critters on earth in a fascinating article. Prepare yourself for dinosaurs stomping through a play, a story and even a find-a-word. Settle in for a rib-tickling story about a flying pig, a poem about an unknown ANZAC and an article about heroic twins.

Teaching Guide includes exploring creating headings for a short article; identifying patterns in poetry; exploring perspective; identifying variations of historical fiction; identifying apostrophes of possession; creating a list of prefixes; understanding allusion; exploring narrative structure and creating idioms.

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Touchdown cover issue 3 2017

Touchdown: Delve into the world of disco bugs, otherwise known as fireflies, then take to the seas in a pirate play. Join the TSM Team as they go looking for adventure in part one of a gripping new story and settle in for some beautifully crafted poetry.

Teaching Guide includes constructing an annotated diagram; writing a poem using an extended metaphor; defining and creating complex sentences; identifying topic sentences; writing a prank-u-mentary; plotting a story on a story map; exploring setting details; creating a pirate-talk glossary; identifying ambiguity and humour in a text; creating pirate names and understanding idiomatic expressions.

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