Issue 2

Countdown cover issue 2 2017Countdown: Find out what's in store for the crew in part two of the ‘Isle of Repulsion'. You'll meet some very clever cockatiels, a dog with a sixth sense and a crow that is scared of just about everything. Put your drawing skills to the test in a fabulous ‘How to Draw Birds' activity and get to know Ernest the Carrot.

Teaching Guide includes exploring how currawongs are portrayed in a particular poem; investigate the use of apostrophes in contracted words; create a persuasive poster; edit your own work; practise verbal persuasive arguments; explore the art of reading visually; focus on similes; comprehending the text; planning and writing a narrative and identify rhyming couplets.

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Blast Off cover issue 2 2017Blast Off: There's a fascinating article about long-lost treasure, a story about a very special treasure box and a word puzzle that will have you searching for treasures of your very own. Take to the stage in a hilarious play and be moved by a gentle story about losing a pet. There's a sculpture that will have you scratching your head and a collection of poetry that is sure to delight.

Teaching Guide includes creating and editing their own play scripts; writing detailed setting descriptions; letter writing; narrative writing; exploring character perception; explore secret lives and alter egos; discussing personal treasures; using phonics to read and write and creating a comic.

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Orbit cover issue 2 2017

Orbit: Goats that fly? Read a hilarious story about goats in trees and then head to Morocco and see some real-life goats going out on a limb. Discover the joy of delighting children from around the world with the most simple of gifts. Prepare yourself for a very moving story about a young Chinese paper-cutter; it's beautiful!

Teaching Guide includes exploring ways in which humour can be created in imaginative texts; writing descriptions; identifying different versions of fairytales; writing a review; creating a radio play; exploring compassion; identifying parts of an article; exploring cultural information in a text; investigating images and words and creating a comic performance.

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Touchdown cover issue 2 2017

Touchdown: Gallop into an issue brimming with horses. There's an article about horse talk, a play about the ears of a horse and an equine word puzzle. You'll find poetry and stories about horses, and you'll even get a glimpse of this month's bookshelf title which is all about … horses!

Teaching Guide includes analysing and creating metaphors; creating an ID chart for a comic serial character; writing a descriptive vignette; discussing the use of vibrant verbs; setting a mood; identifying stage directions and characterisation; comparing tales; identifying formal language; identifying similes and exploring the concept of framing a story.

Contents page (pdf 565 KB)