Issue 10

Countdown cover issue 10 2017Countdown: Before the SS Webweaver sails off into the sunset, the Crew have assembled a sensational swag of literary delights for Countdown readers. Meet Noella, a young girl who wants only one thing for Christmas, but will she get it? You'll find a very enlightening article about pigs, a terrific play about a very rude pig and a Bookshelf review that includes Wilbur—the lovable pig from Charlotte's Web. There's a letter from Cinderella to her ugly stepsisters, an article about pizza throwing and some beautiful poetry.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of representation; reading images to discover information about characters; working in cooperative learning teams to reach a common goal; discussing predictions; reading comprehension; identifying present tense; creating a sales advertisement; writing a narratives; creating a quiz and writing a recount.

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Blast Off cover issue 10 2017Blast Off: Ghosts in the Cumulus? Find out what's making Jools and Vern quiver with fear. Read a fascinating article about the dancing habits of two very different creatures—the peacock and the peacock spider. There's a fast-moving play about the downside of having too much excitement, a story about a very talented sheepdog, an article about the zoetrope and poems that feature birds.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of representation; identifying how settings help create mood; writing a haiku; story writing; lyric writing; formulating questions to help create tension; creating characters; performing role-plays; writing dialogue; identifying point of view; exploring improvisation and comparing the contents and index pages.

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Orbit cover issue 10 2017

Orbit: Feline lovers will enjoy getting their paws stuck into this issue. There's an article about jaguars, a poultry puzzlement that is almost too unbelievable to be true, a lovely poem about stray cats and a Bookshelf review about a cat with a very special gift. Read a story about a carnivorous plant that grows out of control, laugh your way through a hilarious play about Santa's big secret and journey to the Amazon for a touching story to finish the year.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of representation; preparing a poetry performance; planning a multimedia webpage; exploring comic frame types; understanding narrative codas; researching seawalls; finding subordinate clauses; predicting a final paragraph; writing a backstory; discussing literal/interpretive meanings; writing a meaningful poem and creating visual imagery.

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Touchdown cover issue 10 2017

Touchdown: There are a trio of stories this month, all of which will take you to places beyond your imagination. And speaking of imagination … delve into an article that explores the concept of using the imagination to travel. Take to the stage in a play that will leave you laughing out loud, read an article about imaginary islands, find a collection of dancing words in this month's puzzle and lose yourself in an assortment of poetry.

Teaching Guide includes exploring the English concept of representation; preparing and participating in a debate; analysing the content by using the index; exploring rhythm and writing patterns; creating an island; identifying expressive verbs; using a writing pattern; creating an interactive version of a poem; using quotes effectively; crafting an argument; identifying direct address and exploring the effect of a circular ending.

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