Issue 1

Countdown cover issue 1 2017Countdown: Meet the NEW Countdown crew and read part one of an exciting new serial that sees our crew sailing into danger. Get the scoop on ice-cream and learn how to make some of your very own.  There's some fabulous poetry, an article about the Blue Whale, a story about the friendliest fish on the reef and a play that will make you laugh out loud.

Teaching Guide includes identifying key information; exploring sound devices in literature and developing a soundscape; identifying conventions used in a play script; engaging critically using the senses; devising poetry; playing with publishing choices; exploring visual personification; creating sound effects and working with alliteration.

Contents page (pdf 474 KB)

Blast Off cover issue 1 2017Blast Off: Journey to the islands of Polynesia. You'll read an article about amazing Vailulu'u, discover the national sport of Samoa, perform a play based on a Samoan myth and delve into a Maori tale about Maui and his magic powers. There's great poetry, a terrific puzzle and a story about an enormous pumpkin.

Teaching Guide includes creating a labelled illustration; writing an information report; punctuating quoted speech; writing a play script; using saying verbs; going on a senses walk; compiling a class glossary; creating poems; writing a review and comparing the features of a magazine.

Contents page (pdf 550 KB)

Orbit cover issue 1 2017

Orbit: Dive into the ocean to meet some very clever pinnipeds, then learn how to draw these acrobatic sea-dwellers in a great activity. Meet a dog with a sixth sense, a boy who discovers the importance of history and find out why some seas glow with a fluorescent-blue light.

Teaching Guide includes exploring personification in poetry; considering how a particular culture is conveyed in a work of fiction; writing a travel guide; creating a visual representation using technology; finding Latin-derived words; poetry writing; compiling a travel brochure; creating a character duologue and exploring structure within a narrative.

Contents page (pdf 883 KB)

Touchdown cover issue 1 2017

Touchdown: Enter a futuristic world in a fabulous sci-fi story, read a mind-blowing article about time-travel and get ready for an out-of-this-world radio play. There's an abundance of beautiful poetry, a word puzzle and an article about something very colourful … crayons.

Teaching Guide includes writing a science fiction story about time travel; making character connections; writing a bio; labelling gadget diagrams; using commas to separate clauses; identifying genre elements; writing a letter to the editor; designing a practical superhero costume; exploring connotations and experimenting with language.

Contents page (pdf 509 KB)