Diamante poems

A diamante poem is in the shape of a diamond and has a number of conventions:

  • Diamante poems have seven lines
  • The first and seventh lines are single words - nouns
  • The second and sixth lines have two words - adjectives
  • The third and fifth lines have three words - verbs ending in 'ing'
  • The fourth line has four words - nouns.

Diamantes are based on either synonym or antonyms.

You can download two examples of Diamante poems (pdf 82 KB) written by David Harding and Carol Thomas.

The poems first appeared in the October 2012 issue of The School Magazine's Orbit Teaching Guide, but due to a glitch or gremlin, they were interwoven and presented as one poem. So here they are for the first time in their original shapes.

Your students might enjoy creating their own diamante poems online. Here is a good website:

ReadWriteThink Diamante

Encourage your class to send in their best work to The School Magazine!