Did you read The School Magazine when you were in primary school? It's been widely read and loved by Australian children for almost 100 years. The magazine has grown and changed over the years. How? Open one up and have a look.

Children adore the wide range of stories, plays, poems, puzzles and articles that have delighted readers for decades. Open up the magazine and you'll find it's full of fresh, contemporary ideas, information and images. There's a world of words in every issue.

Does your child's school get The School Magazine?

Some parents are home-educating their children. If you are, The School Magazine is a great resource: it is an ideal basis for teaching literacy.

What's coming up in future issues provides a summary of what is covered, that issues contents page and links to worksheets. Take a look at what your child will be reading and learning! 

Craft idea

Your children can make the own folders to hold their copies of
The School Magazine.

Make your own folder


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