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Clive laughing


Here's a quiz for you.

Can you work out where I was born?

  1. I was born on an island. Perhaps that's why I love exploring islands.
  2. Cricket is a very popular sport on my island. I share the same first name as one of this island's best-known cricketers. Howzat!
  3. The original name of my island was a word meaning ‘land of the humming bird'. I hum - my favourite song is ‘Day-O', the banana boat song. But I'm just a tad bigger than a humming bird.
  4. My island is the southernmost island in the Caribbean, waters once full of pirates. One of my ancestors sailed with the English sea captain who finally rid the world of the accursed pirate Blackbeard.
  5. Christopher Columbus sailed to my island in 1498, on his third voyage. He renamed it, using the Spanish word for ‘Trinity'.

parlatuvier bay trinidad - wikimedia commons image


Have you worked out the name of my island? Click on this photo to find out more about this treasure of the Caribbean.