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TD correspondents! No matter where you are, or for that matter, where we are in the world, we want to hear from you. Keep Pencils focused and Beyonce and Velma informed and motivated as they travel the globe to bring you the very best of what the world has to offer in your Touchdown magazines!


Dear Ed
I love your magazines, whenever a new one comes out I skip right to the end of the lovely mag to read ‘Robot School' as the curiosity of the robot kids arise. I also love the interesting, extraordinary facts of the page called Far-Flung (different word every time) Facts. My favourite yet interesting fact is "If you leave a goldfish in a dark room for approximately thirty minutes it'll eventually turn white".
from Sajid

Dear Ed
I love all of the interesting stories and funny, disgusting things and activities you wrote! The plays, stories, comics, and events around the world were all terrific! My teacher even searched on 'You Tube' and found the Cheese Rolling Competition. It was so funny because everyone was tumbling down rolling everywhere and getting mud all over themselves!!! She also searched up the World Bog Snorkelling Competition and found it. The mud looked so disgusting that, my stomach wasn't feeling very comfortable and I felt like vomiting. Yuk!
Keep on making those terrific magazines of Touchdown and don't ever stop!

Dear Ed
Your mag is SO awesome!
Keep the find-a-words coming. The mag is epic because of the cool comics! I especially love the ‘Robot School'. I have read every mag since 2009! My class and I watched cheese rolling and all the other weird and wacky sports. Cheese rolling is far by the funniest sport my class and I watched. The men women all fell over bumping and falling over!?
Keep the Mags coming.
Soneeshun your number one fan!

Dear Ed
I love the School Magazine, I bought it last year, and have got it again this year. Please keep putting find-a-words in I love them and so does everyone else. Here is something I made:
Utterly brilliant
Can't stop reading
Hard to ignore
Downright awesome
Outrageously fantastic
Winning magazine
Never ending magazines

Keep writing good stories
From Georgia

Dear Alan Edwards (Ed)
I really like the School Magazine that you guys produce. All the different parts make it really interesting. I really enjoy all the puzzles and the fictional stories, but the non-fiction articles are my favourites. As of now, my favourite part altogether would have to be the article on the Tunguska Event. I'd heard about it before the School Magazine, but now I'm fully informed about what it was about and how it could've happened. I also like to read the comics, precisely ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School'. It's really fun to perform the comics as plays, as well as the actual plays, to my class. Not only that, but I also enjoy doing some of the activities that our class does. Writing to you is an activity in itself! I also like writing recommendations, as that is my favourite activity, and I hope to get one published in the magazine or on the School Magazine website as soon as I have a full-fledged one finished!
From one of your fans, Angus

Dear Ed
I love the new School Magazine for this year I starred in the school mag last year and this year's School Magazine is 110% better than last and I thought last year was the best
From your biggest (not to big) fan Amy

Dear Ed
You and your crew are doing a great job maintaining and keeping the Mag interesting. One thing I especially like is 'Phyllis's Far-Flung Facts'. I also like all of the comics. All of the plays are really cool too. The crosswords are really challenging, so that keeps me thinking
all week, sometimes even for the whole month! The mag is great so keep up the good work. You could improve the mag a bit by including some mystery, detective and murder genre stories. I always turn straight away to the ‘Robot School' when I get the new issue.

Hello Touchdown
I am Daniel and I am in the OC. I like ‘Robot School' and I wish there was more ‘Robot School'. There is one request for Pencils to go Korea and USA.

Dear Ed and Stringers
We just got our first Magazine of Touchdown. I like the serial ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School'. My name is Liam and I am in year six. I cannot wait for the next Magazine.

Dear Ed and the Stringers
I am Brad and I am in Year 6. I like the serial ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School' and I'm looking forward to reading 'Montgomery's Moose Juice'. I will be looking out for the Stringers in each issue of the Magazine.

I really enjoyed the first episode in the comic called ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I loved the way the author has tried to build suspense and turn this into a cliff hanger. I am quite worried about Loaf and what is going to happen to him in the next episode... du, du, duuuu!
P.S. I'm a teacher showing my class how to email you. And... I'm a little offended by the implication that maths is not fun!

To Ed
I really like the first and second episodes of ‘Carpet & Loaf' because when it got to the good parts the author put cliff hangers. I like it how the author made the stranger look evil. I can't wait to read the next episodes with my friends.
From Hemaloto, Jackoniah and Rodney

I loved the 2nd episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I thought it was exciting and evil at the same time and I liked the suspense of the opening of the scary door! I hope that in the next episode Loaf gets his powers and defeats the monster...HERO UP!
From Sasha and Sienna

I loved the second episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I loved when the teacher asked Loaf, "What are you doing out of your seat Loaf?" Because the teacher couldn't see the door!
From Tayla

I thought the second episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf' was exciting and excellent. I loved the way the author used suspense and frightening pictures to make a cliff hanger. I am eager to see what happens to Arthur. Du, Du, Duuu!
P.S. I can't believe Arthur doesn't like maths. I think maths is terrific fun.
From Luke

WOW!!! I really enjoyed episode 2 of ‘Carpet & Loaf'.  I thought it was funny that there was a huge, scary monster behind Loaf! I can't wait for next month's episode!

Dear Ed
I really like all your Touchdown magazines. They are all really funny. Humour is the best thing to get my attention. I hope you can make some more Touchdown magazines. My teacher uses them for reading groups and we do the plays together.
Your number 1 biggest fan Stephanie

Dear Ed
We loved the second episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf'. It was funny and weird at the same time. I wonder what's going to happen to Arthur, are his powers going to work, or is something bad going to happen to him…The answer still lies out there in the next edition of ‘Carpet & Loaf'.
From Ryan and Tadiwa

Dear Alan Edwards (Editor)
You are completely amazing when it comes to editing magazines and creating Touchdown! Your stories are magnificent and I am completely blown away at all the stories, plays and comic/cartoon strips. Some things that could be improved is that there should be more cartoons and more short stories. Even though the stories in here are already very good, there should be more adjectives to make the story more exciting and dramatic.
From John

To Ed
I really liked the second episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf'. It was quite effective in stimulating my imagination. The monster at the door looked very destructive. From my perspective I think that ‘Carpet & Loaf' were both hallucinating.
PS The first episode was great too! Can't wait until the next episode.
From Nathan & Tim

I love the comic ‘Carpet & Loaf'. My favourite part is in episode 2 when the aliens are behind him and he says there's something behind me isn't there? I thought it was really funny. I also liked how the author leaves you hanging.
From Casey and M'kaylee

Dear Editor
My name is Rachel and I am in year 5. I love your mag so much. I love the poems and non-fiction stories picked up by Beyonce Horizons. My favourite poem is ‘Horses' because it sounds so pretty! I think it would be cool to have an alien in my head, like in sharing a day, but not for too long! Tell your Stringers to keep up the good work.

Dear Ed
We have just read the second episode in ‘Carpet & Loaf'. We think it's a wonderful idea that the author decided to put in so many cliff hangers. We also think that your covers are so wonderfully bright and bursting with colours.
By Carlie and Azaria
P.S. We are hanging for the next episode of ‘Carpet & Loaf'. 

Dear Ed
I really loved the comic ‘Carpet & Loaf' and I love how you kept me in suspense. I love the bit when the teacher tells Loaf to come and sit down and the Teacher can't see the door that Loaf's standing in front of.
From Ella

Dear Ed
I like your fictional and mysterious stories. I would like you to include more fantasy books and plays. Whenever I get a new magazine I always turn to the comic strips. I like the facts page and how you change the title each month. I wonder what will come next?
By James

Dear Ed
I love your mags but I love the plays most. Please include more plays in it. I like the poem and the comics as well. I'd like it if it came out more often like, twice per month.
From your number one fan Emily

Dear Ed
Your magazine is totally awesome! I love Touchdown to bits, especially the comics (‘Robot School' and ‘Snow white and Rose Red'). I also like the stories, plays, and puzzles. Could you please make the crosswords harder, as they are pretty easy. The best story so far that
I have read is 'The Cave Python'. I can't wait until the next issue arrives. Keep up the good work!
From your #1 fan Kaylyn

Dear Ed
I love the School Magazine Touchdown! I really enjoy the plays, poems, stories and comics that are in Touchdown. My favourite article so far would probably be ‘The Weird World Of Sport', it was so funny though some parts were really disgusting.

Dear Ed
I really like to read the Touchdown magazines. My favourite text types are comics and stories, so your magazines are one of my best things to read. I also like plays and my friends and I try to act them out. In issue 3, 2012, I think ‘The Weird World of Sports' is very bizarre. It is one of my favourite things to read so far. It seems hilarious. I can't wait for next month.

Dear Editor
I'm Rachel and I'm in year 5. I absolutely loved reading ‘Wrong Arrows'. I think it's cool that Daphne could turn into such a lovely tree. I guess it does make sense because as a girl she was beautiful. I'm still baffled about the ‘Note Switch' how do they switch places? The animal facts are really interesting like I never knew that a crocodile couldn't stick out its tongue. Hope that even more interesting stories come out soon.

Dear Editor Alan Edwards,
My name is John. Your magazine is amazing.  It is so inspiring to see all the stories that you edited. Cartoons, stories and even plays were included. I am just blown away with the effort you took to make this Touchdown magazine a success. Even though I believe this magazine is completely magnificent, some stories and cartoon strips could be improved by a tiny bit. I think that all cartoons should be extended to 2 pages long. Also, the stories should have more pictures to give the reader a better thought of the setting. Other than that, this magazine is awesome!
From John

Dear Ed
I really enjoy your Touchdown mags. Many people in our group have made magazine folders and they're great. I love the crosswords and plays and I'm a huge fan of your magazines. I'm always waiting for the next part of the comic serials. I think our group is very lucky to get your mags.
Best wishes from Fiona

Dear Editor
I am here to say thank you for creating such great magazines for students like me. The magazines I am talking about are the Touchdown series. I love the comics in them and the stories and poems in there are great too! Oh and don't forget the plays, most of the plays we read, we act out or we read different characters and put them together. I find the comic ‘Carpet & Loaf' funny. I would like to thank you again for creating such magnificent Touchdown magazines.

Dear Editor
My name is Rachel and I am in year 5. I love your mag so much! ‘Montgomery's Moose Juice' was my fave. Hope there are more like it next month. Beyonce Horizons is so good at picking the best articles. It would be cool to have an alien in my head.

Dear Ed
I love your magazine, I especially love ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I wrote a acrostic about ‘Robot School' for you.
Obviously funny
Bit Suspicious
Outstanding Knowledge

High in Knowledge
Outrageously good
Operating machines
Lovely names

Hope you enjoy!
From your #1 fan Georgia

Hello ED!
I love the School Magazine! Here are the things I like about it:
Letters to Ed!
That's almost everything in the magazine!
Great mag! Don't stop making them!
From Jack

Sup Ed and Crew!
I LUV your mag and it just makes learning fun. I really LUV the fantasy-medieval genre and whenever you put in something along that line I never pull my eyes from the pages. We do an assignment on the mag each time it comes out and it's really fun. I really wish that you had more fantasy-medieval stories cos I would like to find more books to read.
Your No. 1 FAN, Arratay!

Dear Ed
I absolutely love your magazine and I think it's thrilling. It's a lot better than any other magazine that you have to buy. Your stories are amazing and I love the games. I also love your poems and funny plays. I love your magazine so much, that I even wrote a short poem about the awesome mag:

Thank you Ed for your great stories
Next can we have one about quarries?
I also love your great funny jokes
My friend has a great one about egg yolks.
Thanks Ed for the great magazine. Keep it up!

Dear Ed
I love your magazine; it is SO awesome!!! I love all the fictional stories. They are so fun to read. They always lets me relax and read the wonderful stories. They even have even have all the genres. Humour, fantasy, mystery, plays … I could go on forever!
Your no 1 fan, Nikola
PS say hi to Pencils Barrymore, Phyllis and Beyonce for me

Dear Ed
Touchdown is by far the best magazine I have ever read. My school started reading it early last year, and ever since then I've been enthralled. I can't wait to get my hands on the next issue every time that big box arrives in our classroom. I love all the issues, but I think my favourite one so far was definitely the August issue (the scary issue). It was good to have a bit of a change—I was really interested in the article about Mary Shelley. It's very inspirational that a young girl could write one of the scariest tales of all time.
I just have one small request for your magazine that would absolutely make my day. In the last issue for this year, could you include a story about graduation from primary school and moving on to high school? That's the situation my friends and I will be in at the end of the year, and I thought it would be cool if you could include something like that—for ME!!!
Your numero uno fan … Anna

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