Orbit letters patch

Mungo letters patch summer

Orbitoids! The chooks and I totally dig hearing from all you movers and groovers. Here are some funky words I've dug up from the Orbit letters patch.


Dear Mungo
The story ‘The Boy Who Was A Fish' is a very imaginative story. On the corner of the front page, is that the fish boy? Anyway, the story is very good and I would love to hear more of that story and that author (by the way, in Countdown, Yip is so cute!).
From Hannah

Hey what's up Mungo?
We have just finished reading the November mag, I really like the ‘Control Z' play. How are your chickens going?
From Carissa

You rock and I love your comics. Especially ‘Robot School', but that's not why I sent this email. Can we please have some more information about rainforests, because my class is studying rainforests? We live in a place that is very dry. We live about 7 to 9 hours away from a rainforest. So can you please put in an extra article for our class?
PS Your comics are so cool!
From Scott

Hi Mungo
How are you going and the chooks? I really enjoyed the ‘Alice Cat' poem this month.

Hey Mungo it is Jayde and Mark
We are best friends. We love your mags and we love your chickens. Mark's favourite chicken is Mao-Jiao. Mao-Jiao is my favourite too. In fact I'm practising Chook Fu. I hope your mags go on a long way.
From Jayde and Mark

Dear Mungo
I am writing to tell you what I think about ‘The Boy Who Was A Fish'. I think that it was a very good choice of article for your magazine. The story was very interesting. I would very much like to hear more from that author, if possible!
From Sarah

Dear Mungo (also the chooks)
How is it like to be a School Magazine editor? Also thanks for replying to me now and then!

Dear Mungo
I love The School Magazine! It's really fun to read and I especially like to look at the competition entries. I'm in 4/5T and love to write stories.
Keep up the good work!
Love from your greatest fan, Maya!

Dear Mungo and Chooks
I am in year five. We only just received the Orbit magazine and I REALLY like it. I love poetry and story writing and I find the comics really cool.
From Francesca

Dear Mungo and chooks
My name is Grace and I am 10 years old, turning 11. I am in Year 5. I love your magazine and I especially love one of your chooks Mao-Jiao because I do karate too. Not only that I love how you do your comics on the inside cover. I'm looking forward to reading more.
From Grace

Dear Mungo
My name is Cody I am 10 and in Year 5. I can't wait for all the great stories, poems, comics and your book taste. I love all your chooks.
From Cody

Dear Mungo
My favourite story from the February issue is ‘The Web'. I like it because the story is very creative and it is also funny and a tiny bit scary at the same when she punishes the children for not following her strict rules.

Dear Mungo
The magazine you produced is entertaining and amusing. It is full of short stories to read and so far my favourite, is ‘The Boy Who Was A Fish'. The main thing I liked was how much the story changed from the beginning, not just Emma's attitude but Grandpa Sid and Mum's attitude to each other. Other thing's I liked were Grandpa's stories.
Yours truly Anne-Marie

Dear Mungo and awesome chickens
I love reading Orbit. My favourite story this month is the Giant's version of Jack and the beanstalk. I liked it so much because the Giant is mad because he got blamed for everything and the fact is that Jack did everything wrong apparently. The Giant's attitude is very funny and I loved the pictures.
From Caitlin

Hi School Magazine Club
I love your magazines. They are always very interesting. I was thinking that in the May Orbit magazine you should put a story about Roman soldiers coming and arriving in England. Please!
From Vinushan

Hi Mungo
We are your number #1 fans. We love ‘Robot School' and can you please put more plays because they're really fun and my class 5M says hi to you Mungo!!
By Olivia, Molly and Amy

Dear Mungo and your wonderful chickens
I love your school mag especially the fact part about Tasmanian Devils! (March Magazine) They are so cute!!! (One of my favourite animals) I was a bit sad that a lot of them get sick and die. But anyway, love it!

Dear Mungo
I love Orbit magazine. I love Orbit magazine because it's great to read, it's funny, it's creative and Orbit magazine is awesome. I love to read ‘Robot School' the most. So I'm going to write an acrostic poem.
Orbit rules!
Read Orbit every day.
Buy Orbit.
I love Orbit!
Today I'm reading Orbit all day.
From Grace

Mungo and chooks,
I absolutely love your mags they're great. My favourite comic is ‘Carpet & Loaf'. Loaf is so funny.  I liked your play ‘The Three Sillies' [Orbit 3].Our class did it and I was the Mama! My best friend (Bonnie) said I'm like Betty Berkley your dancing chook. I wish I had chooks as awesome as yours.
From your biggest #1 fan Nicola

Dear Mungo
I really like the way that the Orbit magazines do not just contain stories, but they also contain crosswords, find a words, riddles etc. In this addition I especially liked the crossword, because parts were hard others were easy and it all just balanced out really well. But I also appreciated the story 'Sadko' I liked the story although I knew he was not going to drown before the next addition came out. On the other hand I really enjoy the cartoons and the suspense of having to wait another month just to read the next cartoon.

Dear Mungo
'The Dragon in the Tent' and 'Sadko' were great stories. I'm really looking forward to get the July issue, I'm just curious about what happens to Sadko. Oh and I love your chooks!
From Anne 

Dear Mungo and chickens,
I LOVE the school magazine. My favourite story in the mag is ‘Carpet & Loaf' and I love how everything goes wrong. The crosswords are the first thing I turn to because they are challenging yet enjoyable. My favourite chicken is Fangia because I love sport.
Stay cool.

Dear Hamlet
I love your magazines! By the way I'm Jade. I have another girl in class with the same name and it's really confusing! So anyway, I'd really love for you to put in a gossip page so we could see what's been happening each month. If you do I'd be really grateful and I love Toys'n'Tech.
From your reader Jade

Dear Mungo and Awesome Chooks,
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I love it how you make the crosswords so challenging yet so enjoyable. There are so many stories that I love in the Orbit, I'll just name a few: ‘Robot School', ‘Carpet & Loaf', the play ‘The Three Sillies' (Orbit 3), ‘The Web' (Orbit 1)! I loved ‘The Three Sillies', it was really good as it was fun to act out and the other classes loved it, it is really hilarious and has some very silly people!
My favourite chook is Fangia (not to upset the other chooks!) as I love all sports and my favourite one is soccer. I love your mags so please, never stop making them!
From Nicholas, your favourite admirer

Dear Mungo and Chooks
I really like your magazines! Your mags are awesome and ‘Robot School' is my favourite section. My favourite chicken is Fangia because I like sport and I like Mao-Jiao because I also like maths and I am Chinese. My favourite issue this year so far is issue 5. My favourite play is ‘Granny and the Pirates'.
From your biggest fan in the universe Seb

Cool greetings, Mungo
I absolutely ADORE your mags.
I also love the comic, ‘Carpet & Loaf'. It's hilarious. Our class did the play ‘The Three Sillies' issue #3 and I was the old woman!
Here's a hybrid plant – red velvet, poppy seed and cream bush.
I think I'm most like Thisbe the chook because I love all things musical as well! I play piano and I think gardening is totally rad!
From your biggest ever fan Lauren

Dear Mungo and cool chickadees,
My class and I absolutely love reading all of your quirky and cool magazines. All of the stories in the school magazine are so creative and imaginative!! My favourites so far are ‘Web' and ‘Zafarin'd Challenge', they are both so good. I also love all of those dramatic, silly and fun plays! I love The School Magazine and how it can take you to another world, places I have never dreamt of going! My favourite subject in school is writing, I get most of my inspiration from your school magazines. Every comic in the magazines are awesome, but my favourite one is ‘Carpet & Loaf', a classic comedy! My favourite chooks are Betty Berkley because I adore dancing; Thisbe because music is in my blood and Mervyn because reading is one of my passions! Never stop writing your epic school magazines and I can't wait ‘til the next month's edition!
From your #1 fan Elizabeth

Dear Mungo and the bizarre chooks
My class can't wait for the next school magazine. My three favourite chicks are Mao-Jiao (I love maths) Fangia (I LOVE sport) and best of all Pollock because I own an Australorp. I love books and Orbit has blasted to my favourite. What's your favourite article Mungo? I LOVE them all. Keep them Orbit magazines up. Here's my acrostic poem.
Orbit is storytastic
Rad chickens
Brilliant silly plays
Interesting stories
From Luke your No 1 fan

Dear Mungo
In the May 2012 edition of Orbit I say that ‘Sadko' was the best story! I was so looking forward to the second part, and I was so excited when it came out! I also enjoyed the poem Opposites and Glorious Glass. Greetings to all the chooks too!
From Sarah

To Mungo and chooks
I love The School Magazines. They're so awesome. I really liked the play ‘Granny and the Pirates' in issue no. 4. We performed it at school and everyone adored it. It was really funny! I also like reading ‘Carpet & Loaf' because Arthur thinks he's so cool since he's got superpowers! My favourite chook is Fangia because I love sport, it's one of my favourite subjects at school. You should make more than one magazine a month (maybe one a week) because they're so great!
From your number one fan Christina

Dear Mungo and awesome chickens
My name is Bridget and I am in year five. I love your magazine. I am into animals, writing stories and gymnastics. My favourite chickens are Urks, Pollocak and Gertrude Stein.
From Bridget

Dear Mungo
I think that your ‘Robot School' is a very good book, firstly it started with Nark being kidnapped and at the end it seemed that the creature was thinking that Nark was its son.
But in conclusion I think it's a good book.

Hi my name is Doga. I am 11 years old. I am turning 12 in this September. I like to write stories. My family and my school thinks I am a good writer and that's true. I really want to write a story and send it to Orbit and Touchdown magazines so everyone can read my stories. Can I write a story and send it to this mail? And if it is a good story can you put it in Orbit or Touchdown? Thank you, see you.

Dear Mungo
I like the story of the ‘Dragon in the Tent' and ‘Sadko'. I am very excited about the next part of ‘Sadko'. I am also curious of the next chapter in ‘Robot School and the Visitor from Space'.
From Mikiko

Dear Mungo
I love every one of your stories. One of my favourites was ‘A Leg to Stand On'. It is about the dog who gets hit by the car. I know how the girl would feel because I have a puppy and if that happened to me I would be sad too. My favourite chooks are Fangia, because I absolutely love sport especially netball and I also adore Thisbe, the musical chook and Mervyn the reading chook because I am the same. I can't get my head out of these magazines and at home I am reading a book called ‘My sister Jodie'.
From your friend Grace

Dear Editor
I really liked the story Jenny Blackford wrote (‘Dragon in the Tent'). I thought it had a real sense of magic and it made me tingle when I read it. I would have really liked to be Lexie and I really want to know what happens next. I hope the next chapter is in the next magazine so keep your fingers crossed.
Yours faithfully Edie

Dear Mungo
I love reading your magazine and especially the plays. Could you put more of them in every month? I also really enjoy ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School'. I have been reading these ever since I first got the magazine in Year 3. I think they are really gripping.
From Samuel

Hi Mungo
How are you? My favourite parts of the magazine are the comics and plays - we even get to act them out! I can't wait until the new magazine comes out every month. My favourite chooks are Pollock, because I love art, Urks because I like poetry and Thisbe because I play in the band. I play the saxophone. In the next few magazines can you add more plays and more comics? Here is an acrostic poem for you
Marvellous Mungo
Unique at everything
Nice to chooks
Good at gardening
Orbit is my favourite magazine
Peace out Juliet

Dear Mungo
How are you? I'm fine. I really like the chickens in the first magazine and I really like your editing. My favourite story is the ‘Travelling Band'. I like the plays you include in Orbit Magazine. I enjoy most of the other parts of the magazine too. I think Mungo, that you are just magic! How do you know how to do all of this? I never knew that laughing was such a good medicine.
From Robbie

Dear Mungo 
I just was reading The School Magazine it was fun and I like reading ‘Carpet & Loaf' and I like you. My best hen is Mao-Jiao and I like your hat and I loved ‘Robot School'.
Thanks from Jonathan 

Dear Mungo
I love the magazines and especially the chickens. I think you should add a gaming section and more plays and some more ‘how to draw' sections. I would also like to see a ‘what's going on in the world?' section. What about some contests between schools? I love the robots and the illustrations.
From your number 1 fan Jake

Dear Mungo
How's it going Mungo? Good? Now since I'm a bit of a mathlete, I LOVE problem solving so my favourite bits in Orbit are the find-a-words, crosswords, and how to draw lessons. It would be great if they were in every month. My favourite comic is ‘Robot School'. I wonder how Tic understands Click and Click understands Tic? (I guess we'll never know huh Mungo?). My overall favourite puzzle in all the mags I have read are every now and then the super hard crosswords.
From your best mate called Nate.

Dear Mungo
I just love your Orbit Magazine. I think they're awesome. My favourite story is ‘A Leg to Stand On' from the June issue. It is sad and heart warming. I enjoy doing all the puzzles and reading comics like ‘Robot School'. I absolutely love all the plays. They're fun to read and act out with all your friends. I think that your magazine deserves five stars. Orbit just makes my day feel boring after reading your spectacular stories.
From your best fan Lizzie

Dear Mungo and awesome chickens
I love your magazine. I am into animals, writing stories and gymnastics. My favourite chickens are Urks, Pollock and Gertrude Stein.
From Bridget

Dear Mungo
I can't wait for all the great stories, poems, comics and your Book Taste section. I love all your chooks.
From Cody

Dear Mungo and chooks
I love your magazine and I especially love one of your chooks Mao-Jiao because I do karate too. Not only that, I love how you do your comics on the inside cover. I'm looking forward to reading more.
From Grace

Dear Mungo and Chooks
We only just received the Orbit magazine and I REALLY like it. I love poetry and story writing and I find the comics really cool.
From Francesca

Dear Mungo
I write for no particular reason other than saying that every single story rocks. How do you come up with really awesome stories?
Thank you, Hashini

Hi Mungo
How u going and the chooks?
I really enjoyed the Alice cat poem this month ...

Dear Mungo
I love your mags—they are so cool and so fascinating. I have been reading and studying your mags with my class. I especially like the comics, they are so awesome. Right now I am on a cliffhanger with "The Boy Who Was Never Afraid." So dude please just get those pens moving and write some more.

Dear Mungo
Your mags rock! I really love them! Especially the plays and comics, but most importantly the article about turtles. I thought all turtles were calm and adorable. But some are not. I was fascinated to find out about red-eared slider turtles. Looking forward to find out about more facts.

Dear Mungo
I loved the recipe for the Anzac biscuits in the April mag. Everyone in my class went over to Mrs B's house to try the recipe.     We all took turns mixing the ingredients. Guess what! We didn't get to eat them because it was home time so we decided to have them the next day. The biscuits were delicious! Do you love Anzac biscuits?  Anyway your magazines rock! Peace out dude!

Dear Mungo
Dude, your mag is one heap of fun and excitement. The first time our teacher introduced us to your mags, was the time I fell in love with your chooks and your plays.  Your plays always fascinate  me and your comcs leave me up in the air, wondering what will happen next. Your mags are so awesome.
All the way from Papua New Guinea, Charlene

Dear Mungo
I am here in natural paradise, Papua New Guinea. When our teacher bought The School Magazine, I loved it.  The serials ‘Alien Encounters' and ‘The Boy Who Was Never Afraid' are whetting my appetite and I am hanging on a cliff waiting for the next episodes. They are interesting and darn cool!!  Keep going dude with your mags.
Your faithful mag reader, Iona (my nickname is Iox)

Dear Mungo
I hope you feel fine.   I enjoy the various articles especially the plays, they are cool and they wet my appetite for more. The English is a big help to us.  Mungo your magazines are magnificent.I come from Porgera in Enga Province.There is a very big gold mine at Progera.
From Manfred

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