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Webweaver left all crew aboard


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send us emails, letters, drawings and jokes.

Dear Countdown crew

Do you think you that you could fit some recipes in some of the magazines? I am a big fan!

Can you also put in some facts about animals? thank you.

From Lulu


Dear Countdown crew

Here is a haiku poem I wrote.


Whirling and twirling

Last night in the bright moonlight

It was bright at night

From Holly

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Until 2013, Countdown was put together by Yakka and Yip. Here are some emails from their readers.

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite is 'Robot School'!
My favourite character is Tic!
I really think you have the right idea making these funny robot stories.
I really hope I can find these magazines anywhere!

Hi Yip and Yakka
I love your mags I would realy like if you did some competitions. I would suggest drawing competions, joke competions etc.
Thanks, your biggest fan, Mya

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite comics are ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School'. I like ‘Carpet & Loaf' because it is really funny. I like ‘Robot School' because the pictures are really good.
From Jack

Dear Yakka and Yip
All my friends love ‘Robot School' because we were really excited by how the meteor hit the earth because we didn't know what it was until the next one. Plus we all love ‘Carpet & Loaf' because his pants fall off and he goes invisible. I like how you put in crosswords and could you please put in another find-a-word?
From Flynn

Dear Yakka and Yip
I am going to talk to my mum and say can we make the crazy rice paper rolls because they are so delicious. And when we make them I will help. Countdown issue 4 is the best Countdown.
Love from Beth

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really enjoy all your stories that you put in Countdown like ‘Robot School', ‘Carpet & Loaf' and all of your other great stories. ‘Carpet & Loaf' are hilarious but sometimes I don't get it. ‘Robot School' is funny too. All Tic says is TIC, TIC. So that's why I love Countdown so, so much.
From Rochelle

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love all of the ‘Robot School'. My favourite one is the first one. Actually I can't decide. My favourite character is Tic. He's so cute. I also did the play. It was so much fun. I was Mrs Grey.
Love Kayley

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really, really like all your comics and stories especially ‘Tai Chi' and ‘Dog Dreams'. ‘The Ode of Remembrance' reminded me of the 1st World War and the 2nd World War. Some stories are very funny like ‘Big Happy Harry' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'.
By Luca

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love your magazine it's so cool also can you put more competitions in your mag please? And also I love your comic 'Carpet & Loaf' it's really cool! Bye Bye!
From Lana Malone

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite story was 'Robot School' because I loved it when that monster thought Nark was its baby. I also liked it when the baby found its mother.

Dear Yakka and Yip 
I love the magazines you make it is amazing to see how you do it. I read it every day before I go to school. Are you for real life or just a bird or a sugar glider?
PS your books are just so wonderful
From Jasmine

Dear Yakka and Yip
Every time I get a new Magazine I open it up straight away to find ‘Carpet & Loaf'. The characters look really funny. I also like the crossword. Me and my besties always figure them out. Please put in harder crosswords.
From Tess

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love your mags and all my friends at school read them. My favourite things are the poems. Can you please, please put more poems in the mag? It would be great if you could.
From Lexie

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I also liked ‘The Ode of Remembrance'. My favourite character in ‘Robot School' is Mickey. I like it how his brain sticks out. But can you make a story about penguins?
From Bryden

Dear Yakka and Yip
I had a really great time reading the school magazine. I was wondering if you could put a picture of a bunny rabbit in the school magazine because I really like bunny rabbits.
From Olivia

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love your magazines. They are so funny. I like ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I would like if you put some more find-a-words and some surfing stories, but I still like your magazine.
From Parker

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like ‘Robot School'. I'm getting into it. I think that ‘Carpet & Loaf' is good also and it was really funny when his pants ripped off. I liked it when you get so scared of the big green face in the ghostly gum tree.
From Marcus

Dear Yakka and Yip
I like the GRAB BAG because it's got the birthstones. My favourite is the peridot because I was born in August and the main colour is green which is my favourite colour. I also really like ‘Robot School' and crosswords too.
From Mathias

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite comic is ‘Carpet & Loaf' because it's very funny and very strange. It's funny when Arthur turns into Hulk. I like it when Arthur turns half invisible.
From Felix

Dear Yakka and Yip
I loved the comic ‘Robot School' and I want to find out more of what happened to Nark. My favourite person is Mia. I also like Tic even though all he says is tic. He looks cute. I loved the story ‘Spinach Ice Cream'. It was so confusing.  I also like the plays that are put in.
From Ava

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really liked ‘May I Help You?' in Countdown 2. My class read it in reading groups. I have been Mrs Green, Ms Grey, Mr Blue and Shop Assistant 3. My favourite character is Mrs Green because my favourite colour is green.
From Paris

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like ‘Carpet & Loaf' and ‘Robot School' and I loved your story ‘Yakka and Yip and the Ghostly Gum Tree.' Can you put in a story on sharks?
From Lucah

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite thing in your magazine is the crossword in Countdown 1. It is also my birthday in May and I love rabbits. Can you put some rabbit stories in?
From Poppy

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like ‘Spinach Ice-cream' in issue one! It is hilarious! I love all your comics. I also really love ‘Carpet & Loaf'. Your narratives are interesting and super funny. I really can't believe the School Magazine has been around for ninety-six years! That is a very long time! WOW! I love all your characters!

Dear Yakka and Yip
I like how you introduced yourselves. I like ‘Robot School'. They are very interesting. I can't wait until ‘Strange Meeting' for May. ‘Spinach Ice-cream' was very interesting when the ice-cream man got it all mixed up. Thank you for the hilarious, strange and interesting Countdown.
From Ellenor

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love your comics and craft and all your stories like ‘Yakka and Yip and the Ghostly Gum Tree'. I could read it all day. The pictures are so interesting and the colours are beautiful. I like your poems.
From Leeanne

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love your books, they're amazing. I could read them all day. I hope the comics go forever. I am really excited for the next edition to come out. There's one comic that just goes up to the next level and that's ‘Robot School'. Keep up the good work on ‘Robot School'. It might even turn out to be the best comic, you never know. I'm going to be a soccer player when I grow up.
From Shayden

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like the comics, stories and poems that you wrote. My favourite story is ‘Small Talk'. ‘Small Talk' is a very interesting story to read. I love the wonderful pictures you draw. It's amazing that you put in lots of interesting facts. I like how you put activities in these magazines.
From Vy 

Dear Yakka and Yip
On my holiday l went to Malaygu. We went to Sunway Lagoon and we held a cockatoo just like you! 
From Zahra

Hey Yakka and Yip
You have the best magazine I've ever read.
From Imran

Dear Yakka and Yip
I want to tell you where I went for my holiday and there are a few places. I went to Galaxy World in the city, Capitol Square and all because it was my birthday. I got to go on a bumper car ride, a dance competition and play drums.

Hi Yakka and Yip
I like ‘Robot School' especially 'Strange Meeting'!
Can you add some more recipes?

Dear Yakka and Yip
I have loved your magazines; I would love to see more plays. Also I love ‘Carpet & Loaf' because it is hilarious. I especially like all the stories that you make and my tongue is going all over the place from all those tongue twisters.
PS If you come up with any scary stories please put them in the magazines.
Lots of love Olivia

Hello Yakka and Yip
I love acting out your plays they're so funny. I also love your fantastic continuous story ‘The Ghostly Gum Tree' (Countdown issue 1) it was so awesome. I like all the information on the Million Paws Walk it seems like so much fun.
PS if you could tell me are there some more plays coming out soon?
From Lily

Dear Yakka
I like your comics about ‘Robot School' because it's funny and it ends with a good finish and it starts with a good start.
From Abbas

Dear Yakka and  Yip
Did you know that my friend and his mum found a chihuahua and they kept it and took care of it?
From David

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love all your comics and my favourite comic is ‘Robot School'.
From Jaxon

Dear Yakka
In the holidays I went for a sleepover with my brother. In the middle of the night I woke up and we went to the bathroom and had a drink. After that I began to get scared and I called my friends mum and then she put me back to sleep. I woke up in the morning and I was not scared anymore. We played and had fun. I want to go again.
From Katerina

Dear Yakka and Yip
Last week we had ANZAC Day. Me and my family went to the cemetery and after we went to the cemetery we went to see my grandma.
From Genessa

Dear Yakka and Yip
In the holidays I went to the Easter Show with my silly brother and perfect mum and lazy dad. On a ride my dad was screaming and my mum was laughing. Then it was getting late and I had to go home.
From Jaz

Dear Yakka,
I think your magazine is awesome. I really like ‘Robot School' because it's really funny. I love craft so can you put more craft in the magazine please?
Can you tell me what your favourite colour is?
From Kirra
PS you guys are awesome!
PPS the word of the month is cool

Dear Yakka and Yip
How long does it take to make Countdown? One of my favourite stories is ‘Spinach Ice-cream' and ‘' and could you make more stories like ‘Spinach Ice-cream'?
From Alexander

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really enjoy all of the plays that are in Countdown magazine 2 and 3. In the magazine I would like  to see more recipes , find-a-words and crafts. I can't wait till the next magazine.
PS you are awesome
From Megan

Dear Yakka
My favourite story is ‘On Your Marks' because I like swimming. The tongue twister was hard but it was awesome too. I would like to see more ‘On your Marks' please.
Your stories are one of my favourite in the magazines.
Love Elizabeth
PS I like the word of the month

Dear Yakka and Yip
I really like the jokes on page three especially the one where it is a flat mate.
I really like the ghost comic with the guys with the beanie.
I really like ‘Robot School' because it's about robots and I love robots.
From Will

Dear Yakka
l do not like when you continue the comics. You have to wait for a whole month but l like the comics.
Can you add more stories about wrestling, because l love wrestling.
From Charlie

Dear Yakka
In the magazine I like the stories. My favourite one is ‘U R A Winner.' I also like the comics. My favourite one is ‘Robot School'. My favourite robot is Tic Tic.
I really like reading Countdown.
From William

Dear Yakka
Your magazines are awesome. I like your 2012 magazine and you and Yip are good together, also in the play ‘The Fastest Animal in the Forest.' I also don't won't to wait for the next magazine and I would like more reading and plays and also some games and craft.
From Koray

Dear Yakka
I really like your find-a-words in Countdown 2012. I would like to see more find-a-words. How do you make so many magazines each month?
PS You're awesome because you make magazines.

Dear Yakka and Yip
You guys are the BEST!!!
I really like ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'.
From Kobie
PS I really like ‘'
PPS Yakka you're the best.
PPPS Keep in touch, bye!

Dear Yakka
My favourite comic is ‘Robot School'. The author is really good at writing comics. I also really like the craft about the picture frames. But my favourite book is ‘We Must Stop Dad Cooking.' Could you please put some more crafts and comics? My dad also has a habit of tickling. Sometimes my two sisters are really annoying because sometimes I'm trying to go to sleep but they make so much noise.
From Emma

Dear Yakka
I really like the Countdown magazine because of  the comics and stories. My favourite comic is ‘Robot School'

Dear Yakka and Yip
I love the ‘Robot School' comic. I thought when the grey robot got kissed I thought that was funny.                                                 
From Joah

Dear Yakka
I have been reading your stories  and I like ‘Everyone' and I think you're very cool.
I'd like to see more craft.
From Shamyl

Dear Yakka
I like the story in Countdown May 2012 ‘Dad Likes to Cook.'I think the best part of that story is when the Dad makes the hotdogs and the dogs come into the room!! I think tongue twister is awesome. I like your YUK YUKS the BEST like the tongue twister.
From Madison

Dear  Yakka
I like ‘Carpet & Loaf' because it is funny.
From Jack

Dear Yakka
My favourite comic is ‘Carpet & Loaf' . I really liked it when Arthur's pants exploded. Do you believe in Santa Claus? I know I do but it's me who is asking you.
My favourite play is ‘The Fastest Animal in the Forest.' If you had to transform into a tree what would it be like?
Thanks, Bodie
PS you guys are awesome

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite comic is Arthur and Olive in ‘Carpet & Loaf.' The bit I like is where he is invisible and there's five Arthurs! One's saying "I can save us all, I'm a ghost! I'm smoke! I'm vapour AND I NEVER LEAVE A TRACE."
You are AWESOME!!
From Kyle

Dear Yakka
My favourite comic serial is ‘Robot School' and May's tongue twister is hilarious but hard to understand.
From Sam

Dear Yakka
I love your magazines but I would like some more craft things in there. My class is doing the Mother's Day photo frame.
PS Love your work.
Love Brianna

Dear Yakka
I love the tongue twisters. Lots of  them are very hard and funny. Could you please make the ‘Snow White and Rose Red' story together in one whole book?
PS I Love all the craft you put in your book. We are doing  the frame for Mother's Day
Love Sabrina

Dear Yakka and Yip
My favourite story in Countdown is ‘Dad Likes to Cook,' I like to cook too. And my mum says I  am very good at it but I can't resist to lick the bowl. Just so you know I would like to see more craft and crosswords. I can't wait till the next season!
From Ella

Dear Yakka and Yip
I like netball, the Famous Five books, swimming and hanging out with my friends. I think you should put some more stories about animals in the mag. Here are some jokes:

Q: What is black and white and red all over?

A: A sunburnt penguin.

Q: Why did the elephant paint the soles of his feet yellow?

A: To hide upside down in butter.

From Becky

Hi Yakka
I have got a joke for you.
What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep?
A woolly jumper.
From Luca

Dear Yip and Yakka
I love your school mags. I like all the plays - even 'Dog house'.
What is your favourite play? I would like even more plays. Will you put more drawing guides in? PLEASE!
How many comics do you in a year?
I love your comics because they are funny and the best.
What is your favourite school mag?
By Thomas

Hi Yakka and Yip
I like 'Magic Daze', 'Robot School' and 'Alien Encounters'.
Can't wait for the next one!
From Luke

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