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Hoobaladoobala! Little Squirt and I are avid fans of mail. Nothing excites us more than to hear from you, dear readers. We savour every delectable syllable. Your missives determine not only the colour of my day but the colour of me as well. I am a very changeable chameleon! Squirt really enjoys watching this reaction. So please add some colour and write soon!

Here are some delightful emails for you to relish!


I love your magazine because you have a lot of comics that I like. You're my favourite talking animals out of the school magazine.
JOKE: What do you call a giraffe and a hedgehog?
An 80 metre tooth brush!
From Amanda

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt
I love your story called ‘Robot School' and can you make another story of ‘Robot School' also I've read all of your magazines and I really love Blast Off and now I'm at school.

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt,
I enjoyed your story about how you came to be in Australia. I got to be born in Australia because of my mum and dad. My mum and dad were born in Bangladesh and they married in Bangladesh. Also my big brother was born in Bangladesh. But my parents came to Australia because of my dad. He came here to study. That's why I got to be born here.

Hey Hamlet and Little Squirt
You guys have the best mags out. My school loves to read Blast Off and what was the other one that year 5 and 6 read? Anyway, I've got a joke as well.
Q: Where do bats go to recharge
A: A bat tree or a battery if you didn't get it
From Ashlee

Hey Hamlet
Three years on since you emailed me I have just found it in the bottom of my inbox. Did you know I am now in high school? I heard that all the kids at my primary school are still loving your mag! Oh yeah by the way my name is spelt Z  O  I.
See you later, Zoi

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt
Again in your magazines I was wondering where the comments are because next month my comment is in it and....umm oh yes your find a words are a bit hard now well done. I was reading ‘Arthur and Draggle' I am reading the 2 parts to it and I wonder what's going to happen.
From your reader, Shakira

Dear Hamlet
My school has your magazines. My class reads Countdown and Blast Off. I love your plays and stories that you put in your fabulous magazine, they are so creative. The story about Mrs.Hopper loosing her choppers was pretty funny!!! Love your mags.
From Kara

Hello, our class is doing Antarctica you should put it in the mag too.

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt
I really like your Blast Off magazine. By the way my name is Imran I come from Malaysia I came to Australia by a Qantas. I was born in 2002 so I am in year 4.

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt
I am enjoying your wonderful magazine and all the stories and activities in it. My favourite activities are the find a words but there is something wrong about it, it's too easy! You should make it a lot harder than usual. In magazine number one, my favourite story was ‘Mrs Hopper's Choppers'. I like the part when the last pig had her choppers, and by any chance do know who Yip and Yakka might be?
From your keen reader, Shakira

Hello Hamlet and Little Squirt
Sorry I was very busy for the last few months. Anyway, here's a joke:
Q: What is a snake's favourite subject?
A: Hiss-tory
Hope you like that joke! I will send you more later.
Chat soon, Kajal

Dear Hamlet and Little Squirt
I have been reading your stories. The one I liked the most was how you came to Australia. My mum and dad and Maryam came to Australia from Pakistan in a plane. I was born in Australia.

Dear Editor
Lachlan B and Lachlan W are studying you and your work. We're in year 4 now. We have some jokes for you:
Q. Which Harry Potter novel is all about ice-cream?
A. ‘Harry Potter and the Philosophers Cone'.

Lachlan B, I love sports and singing.
Lachlan W, I love sports and police.

I have the best teacher in THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! I am slightly disappointed because there is no puzzling tales but to make up for that I LOVE ‘Carpet & Loaf'. I also love ‘Snow White and Rose Red' and though I've never really liked ‘Robot School' this might change my mind! Anyway I've told you what I think about the school mag, but what about me? Well as you wish. My favourite sport is gymnastics and I am in the highest group in the gym! Although now that I think about it, it is a very small gym. I have a cat called Jewel (who is always very friendly and is sometimes my only friend), 2 chickens (the nicest and the third died in the holidays. She was called Claire) called Sapphire (the naughty one) and Tigerlilly (also quite naughty) a fish called Bubbles and a barrel of worms. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease could you do something about cats after you've done something about whales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading, best wishes, Zoe

Hi Hamlet
I love your awesome magazine, especially the puzzles and comics. Could you write about rugby teams? My team is the Rabbitohs. Which team do you go for?
From Lachlan
I'm a keen fan of the Peruvian Ping-pong team, Lachlan. And you'll find the July issue full of sport, sport and more sport!

Dear Hamlet
Hi! The magazine, well, it's great! All the stories and poems are awesome—they are my favourite parts, and I'm a bit of a writer myself. Anyway, thanks, I'm already looking forward to the next issue!
Your reader, Emma

Dear Hamlet
Hi! My name is Katie. I think the magazine is great so far!! All the stories, crosswords and plays are awesome but I personally think you should write about whales or another type of creature you can think of. If you're wondering why, I just want to know a bit about whales.
Your reader, Katie 

Dear Hamlet
Hello I'm Claudia I love your mag it's fabulous! But there is one thing I would like and that is if you guys could add some colouring in. I love animals so I thought you could do some colouring in about kittens or dogs or any sort of animal.
Your reader, Claudia.
Hoobaladoobala, Claudia! Our good friend Clive has a colouring-in challenge for you on our website! Go to the KIDS section.

Dear Hamlet
Hi my name is Isabella. I am reading Blast Off. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like it. I'm reading Feb 2012 No.1. I like everything to do with Blast Off, I really like ‘Toys'N'Tech' but the best is ‘Robot Reminder'. That's all I wanted to say.
Your reader, Isabella.

Dear Hamlet
I really like Blast Off I especially like ‘Carpet & Loaf' it's a pretty cool comic. Could you please make more plays they are AWESOME.

Dear Hamlet
I LOVE your mags they are so cool. I think you should put in some jokes play and some funny poems like Robot Reminder.
Your reader, Olivia

Hi Hamlet
I'm one of your big fans! I've emailed you to tell you about your comic serials and other stuff you write. I LOVE ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'. ‘Snow White and Rose Red' is OK. I also like your jokes too.
From Matthew

Dear Hamlet
I LOVE your school magazines. I have been reading the February Blast Off. It is so AWESOME so far but I really want more plays because I really love acting out the plays. The rest of The School Magazines are FANTASTIC.
Your reader, Divya

Dear Hamlet
We love the activities in Blast Off magazine, like crosswords, puzzles, find a words, plays and so many more cool stories and activities. We think you guys are great.
From Ella and Kiara      

Dear Hamlet
I love your mag. My favourite parts are the stories. I wish there were more.
From your reader Amisha

Dear Hamlet
The school mag is so far great, the plays are fun, the comics are cool and the activities fun (but hard) and the poems are funny. My favourite thing to do is the plays, it would be great if there was one more though.
From your reader Grace.

I am one of your BEST readers!!!!!!! My great thing about your magazine are the comics serials. I like ‘Robot School' and ‘Carpet & Loaf'. The only thing I don't like about the magazine is the crossword and could you please add more comics?
From Sam

Dear Hamlet
I think the school mag is really good and I thought the comics and the stories were awesome.
From your reader Hannah

Dear Hamlet
I love your mags, they are awesome. I think you should put some jokes in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your reader Jade

From you, dear Blast Off readers


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