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NEW find-a-word!

To say thanks for stopping by our new website, we've added a special find-a-word here, just for you. Simply click on the ‘find a word' menu over to the left.

This find-a-word is all about silent movies. Do you know what a silent movie was? It was a movie in which there were no recorded sounds, including no speaking! Before the first ‘talkie' with recorded sound came out in 1927, all movies were silent. Their storylines were told through gestures, pantomime and sometimes cards with a few explanatory words written on them. A live pianist, or sometimes even an orchestra, played accompanying music to add to the experience.

When you're ready, print this find-a-word and see how you go completing it. When you have finished you can check the answer on the 'answers' page over to the left. Enjoy!

Hi from Clive!

Clive pointing