Home Educators

The top five reasons why home educators love The School Magazine

1. Kids in control
Home-educated children are usually highly motivated, independent learners. They relish the opportunity to take ownership of their own reading through a monthly magazine that is designed for them. Because the magazine is children-centred, there is no hint of didacticism or pedagogical imperative. Children love to read the magazine in their own way—revisiting favourite stories; delving in deep with the articles; quietly reflecting on the poetry.

2. Dramatic potential
No other resource contains plays written for children to perform that are so inclusive, entertaining, and easy to stage. Not only can children read through a play script with family or friends, but they can also turn it into a full production, and in the process, learn about costume design and creation; stage sets; props and lighting.

3. A unique resource
Each month, children reading The School Magazine are encountering the same texts right across the country. This presents home educators with a unique opportunity to share their teaching and learning approaches with other home education communities around Australia. Children love sharing their creative responses to poems, stories and plays with peers who are reading the same material.

4. Quality assured
The Magazine unit produces the highest quality Teaching Guides to accompany the magazine, full of ideas about how to teach language, literacy and literature skills using the texts in the magazine. The Teaching Guides have clear links to the NSW Syllabus and the Australian Curriculum, so alignment with the curriculum is guaranteed. The School Magazine is a publication of the NSW Department of Education, and has been since 1916. There is no commercial or didactic content in the magazines.

5. Visual literacy
Give a copy of The School Magazine to any child and they will hone in on the richly illustrated cartoon serials that have been specially commissioned for the Magazine. The Magazine provides access to a range of styles and conventions that make this an invaluable resource for discussing vidual literacy with young learners. The superb quality and highly entertaining nature of the cartoon serials make them one of the most important features of the Magazine for the ‘digital' generation of readers.