1916: the world is at war, Monet paints his Water Lilies, the light switch is invented, and The School Magazine is published for the first time.

Story illustration from 1916. In the many decades since, our magazines have invited generations of children in NSW and further afield to share our love of wonderful words and excellent artwork. Many people hold fond memories of relishing the stories, poems, plays and puzzles written just for them. For many writers and artists, the magazine has also been a starting point.

And today? It's time to celebrate! In the lead-up to our centenary, The School Magazine team are planning a series of events and publications. Get ready to party!

2016 will be a very special year for The School Magazine.

'Memories of The School Magazine'

What do you most treasure about the magazine? Send us a message: we'll compile every submission and they'll become part of our Centenary celebrations.