Welcome to our blog

Welcome and hello to our brand new School Magazine website! We're all so proud and happy that we now have a website that is as snappy and vibrant as the magazines are.

And it's a great chance to share with our huge community of followers. We are inundated with emails from our readers — passionate, heartfelt messages that express just how much the magazines mean to them. But we don't have space in the magazines to publish more than four or five each month. Now we can post them all online!

In The School Magazine office right now we are busy freshening up the magazines for 2012. They'll have stunning new covers and contents pages, some extra nonfiction, revamped activities pages and more. And the quality and variety of stories, poems, nonfiction and plays and comic serials will be better than ever!

Countdown cover


Blast Off cover


Orbit cover


Touchdown cover


We've also done some serious rethinking of the The School Magazine Teaching Units. In 2012 they're going to be called The School Magazine Teaching Guides and their format will be significantly different. This year we surveyed hundreds of schools and had an in-house teacher focus group and the new guides reflect what teachers told us they need. They'll be less wordy, with two double-page lesson plans and four pages of easily-accessible teaching ideas based on magazine texts, with accompanying worksheets. We hope you like the improvements and look forward to your feedback!

Follow us on Twitter, on our Facebook page and here on our Blog. Stayed tuned to our site and keep coming back. Above all, enjoy our wonderful world of words!

The School Magazine team