Welcome David Hill

Sometimes we can welcome visitors in the most surprisingly apt ways. Today we had the pleasure of having lunch with long-time contributor David Hill and his wife, Beth. While most of Sydney was struggling in the wild weather an east-coast low can bring, and we apologised for the grey skies and strong winds, Beth Hill said, ‘It's just like home.' The Hills live in on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand and are in Sydney on a short visit.

At lunch with David HillRegular readers of The School Magazine will know that David Hill is a prolific and versatile writer. In 2014 we've published four of his plays, three of his articles and two of his stories. One of his strengths as a writer is his appeal to a wide range of readers. Of the nine pieces by David we've published this year, two appear in Touchdown, two in Orbit, two in Blast Off and three in Countdown.

Alan Edwards, Karen Jameyson and I were delighted to be able to talk through some aspects of David's writing life with him. For a writer, even a vacation can bear fruit—he climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and David is now planning an article about this for his New Zealand readers. (Luckily the wild weather hit Sydney after David had completed his climb of the ‘coathanger'.)

In this digital age, where we rarely meet up in person with our writers and illustrators, it was a great pleasure to share a little time with one of our valuable contributors and his wife.

To find out more about David Hill, you can read his profile.


Sue Murray
15 October 2014