Volume 100 celebration!

Dr Michele Bruniges looks at a bound volume of The School Magazine with two senior students of Haberfield PS.

Monday 16 February was a day of great excitement for The School Magazine team and for the teachers and students of Haberfield Public School. At a special school assembly, Dr Michele Bruniges, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education and Communities gave an address to mark the occasion of the publication of Volume 100 of The School Magazine.

The Secretary presented student representatives from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 with a copy of Volume 100 issue 1, of Countdown, Blast Off, Orbit and Touchdown, respectively. Along with these, students also received a reproduction of Volume 1 of the magazine from 1916. The Secretary also presented the Principal Karlynne Jacobsen with a 2013 bound volume of The School Magazine for the school's library.

This significant event, which included performances by the school's musical groups, was a wonderful way to acknowledge this fantastic achievement as we move towards our centenary celebrations in 2016. The Sydney Morning Herald was present to record the event. SMH article link.

Haberfield PS students celebrating Volume 100 of The School Magazine

We thank Haberfield Public School for organising this assembly and a marvellous morning tea in the library of their teacher librarian, Michael Fraser. The official visitors and members of the school community enjoyed the display of memorabilia, including issues of The School Magazine and a binder from the 1930s, owned by a current student's grandfather. Our visit to the school reminded us of the reason we work so hard to produce the best magazines we can. That reason? Our readers, past and present, who love The School Magazine.

—Alan Edwards, 17 February 2015