The School Magazine Photo Shoot

Our photographer organising the kids into patterns

Last Wednesday The School Magazine had a fantastic day shooting promotional photos and videos. Now we have launched our new look magazines, exciting new website and will soon be celebrating our centenary, we thought it was a good time to get some photos of what we most love to see, kids enjoying The Magazine.

An energetic group of kids met us bright and early at a local park for some sunny outside shots. Soon the kids were lounging on park benches, resting against big old trees and giggling to each other as they relished the magazines we had brought along.


Next stop was the nearby studio at the CLIC Strathfield office where more excited kids were meeting us for a morning of School Magazine photos, videos and fun. Our designers had created sketches of different scenarios we intend to use as promotional material in the future. Our photographers took numerous shots against a white background so that later on we can add different backgrounds to the photos to create distinct scenes. Some of our ideas were brought to life in front of our eyes. 

Thank you to all the children and parents who donated a day of their precious school holidays to come and help us capture the joy that The School Magazine brings to kids. Keep a look out for more photos in the coming months!

A scenario sketch


 - 16 April 2012