The School Magazine in Thailand

My name is Karin Olofsson and I am the Graphic Designer here at The School Magazine. My partner Sam and I have recently returned from a fantastic holiday in Thailand. I know kids love to read The School Magazine, so before I left I packed up some Magazines in case I had the opportunity to give them out while I was away.

Handing out the Magazine in ThailandWhen we arrived in Thailand, Sam and I made friends with a local Thai man whose three children all attended Kajon Kiet School. Sam and I hired a car, got out our map and decided to go and visit Kajon Kiet School and give them the School Magazines I had brought over with us!

 We arrived at the school without an appointment but were immediately greeted by the school's lovely PR person, Linda. Linda is originally from the United Kingdom but after tiring of the banking sector she moved to Thailand to teach seven years ago and never looked back. Linda took the time to show us around the school and explained that approximately 2000 primary-aged students attend the school each day. About half the lessons at Kajon Kiet School are taught in English, so the teachers come from English-speaking countries all around the world, as well as from Thailand.

Thai kids reading the MagazineWhile waiting in the corridor to meet our local friend's 9 year-old daughter, Rosie, and her class, we were introduced to 10 year-old David. Like some of the other children at the school, David comes from a mixed background with his mum being Thai and his dad coming from the Gold Coast. He and his friends gathered around us and were very curious about the pile of magazines we were holding - so we gave them a few.
Rosie and our Graphic Designer

Then it was time to meet Rosie and her friends in Class 3. Linda introduced us and the children gave us a traditional Thai greeting "Sawadee Kap, Karin and Sam". I handed out what was left of the magazines and wished I had many more to share with these gorgeous and enthusiastic children.

My hope is that The School Magazine will not only continue to bring reading joy to kids in Australia but, increasingly, to kids all around the world!


- 21 June 2012