The School Magazine for 2012

By now, if you are a subscribing school or individual you would have received your first copies of The School Magazine for the year. And you've probably noticed some big changes! The banners for each of our four titles have been redesigned to look brighter and more fun. Our contents pages have been completely revamped, making them more contemporary and easier to read. The Bookshelf sections have been renamed for each magazine title and the crosswords page given a makeover.

Of course, the quality of our stories, plays, poems and articles remains as high as ever. The only change here has been that we are ensuring that every issue has at least two nonfiction pieces. This is in response to feedback from teachers, who expressed a desire for more nonfiction material.

Finally, check out the Teaching Guides this year! They have had an extreme makeover and we're really proud of how well they've turned out. Again, this was in response to suggestions and requests from teachers. The Guides now contain two detailed lesson plans; eight pages of teaching ideas and matching worksheets; a page of literacy insights for teacher development; and they outline the specific links between each lesson and the NSW syllabus and the Australian Curriculum-English … something teachers and home educators should find particularly useful.
We'd love to hear any feedback you might have.

Relish reading!


New magazine look for 2012