The National Year of Reading

The pollies were all on song: Prime Minister Gillard and premiers, education ministers and councillors from around the country all lauded books and reading at the start of the National Year of Reading earlier this month. 

Reading was celebrated as a joy and a pleasure; an expression of cultural pride; and a deeply personal act of self-development. 

The School Magazine has been published since 1916 for one purpose: to foster a love of reading in children. And its staff has felt passionately about that mission for 97 years. 

That focus on providing a wondrous, challenging and uplifting reading experience for children drives everything we do, from the selection of the texts and art to the placement of titles, the choice of fonts and the use of character ‘hosts' to guide and amuse our young readers. 

Issue 2 magazines for March are hitting schools right now and April's issue 3 magazines are at the printers right now.

The look on kids' faces when they get their copies confirms that all those politicians were absolutely spot on: reading brings joy and pleasure and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. 

What a gift reading is!