The Magazine Production Process

Every year, 40 issues of The School Magazine are published. Each month of the school year, from February until November sees the release of a new edition of Countdown, Blast Off, Orbit and Touchdown magazines. On top of this, each magazine has an accompanying Teaching Guide. This means that each year The School Magazine team produces 80 publications!

The Team works hard to ensure that each magazine is a top quality publication, providing kids with a diverse range of quality stories, poetry, articles, plays, comic serials, crosswords and illuminating illustrations. We source texts from freelance writers, published anthologies, forthcoming children's books and more. There is a lot of planning involved in each Magazine and Teaching Guide, with preparation usually beginning six months before publication.

For a step-by-step guide to creating The School Magazine, download the Insights page of the April 2012 Blast Off Teaching Guide (pdf, 941 KB)

So what does all this preparation and hard work lead to? It leads to the creation of magazines that are loved by children and teaching resources that make teachers lives easier. Here is an example of an information text from the June 2012 Orbit magazine (pdf, 798 KB), along with a teaching idea (pdf, 996 KB) and classroom worksheet (pdf, 1015 KB) from the magazine's accompanying Teaching Guide.

A subscription to The School Magazine really does open up a world of words—for both students and teachers!


Magazine covers with matching Teaching Guide cover


- 5 June 2012