Robot School goes on the road

‘Robot School' has 130,000 School Magazine readers hooked. Kids adore this cartoon serial which is published in all four magazine titles every month. The adventures of Mickey and his robotic friends Chux, Su-Hu, Mia and Tic are legendary in classrooms and playgrounds from Woy Woy to Western Australia.

Robot School episodes created by Year 6 students.

Veronica's drawing of Mickey on the blackboard.

And Western Australia is home to their creator, Veronica Rooke, who visited her year 6 fans at a Port Kennedy primary school this week to talk about illustrating for The School Magazine, and creating ‘Robot School'.

Students showed Veronica their ‘Robot School' episodes which were hanging from the ceiling. Veronica then led a workshop drawing the main character, Mickey.

Students then had a chance to ask everything they had always wanted to know about Mickey and his robotic friends.

Year 6 with Veronica Rooke (at right).