Meet artist Richard Gregory

Richard Gregory and his workArtist Richard Gregory just came in to the office to leave more beautiful work for the magazines. With many artists working digitally, and living all around the country, it's a real treat to see some of The School Magazine artists in person, and be able to hold and admire their exquisite hand-drawn images.

Richard works in pencil, and in very fine detail. He doesn't use any form of magnification when working—just a very bright light to illuminate the page. He has always been fascinated by architecture, and travels frequently to remote areas of China and the former Soviet Union to record the traditional buildings in fine pen and pencil drawings, which the local people love watching him create.

This month Richard was illustrating images for a story on a 19th-century mine rescue by Jane Jolly which will appear in the June edition of Orbit, and a wonderfully colourful array of pirates for a feature article in Blast Off that same month.

His images, A selection of Richard's worklike the best illustrations, are not just attractive accompaniments to the words, but are an integral part of the 'multimodal' text that is a magazine. They not only enhance the aesthetic impact of a page, but add a huge amount of information to the spreads.

With meticulous research behind every picture, Richard goes to enormous lengths to represent every detail of an image with accurate historical detail. As he says, "The creativity is in the composition. I don't allow myself much artistic license!"

Richard is currently illustrating an article on women in the ancient Olympic Games for Touchdown (July). We are really looking forward to seeing the finished product!
Detail of Richard's work


- February 2012