Kerry Millard's visit

Kerry MillardIt's always a thrill to see one of our talented artists walking through the door with artwork in hand. And it was no exception when Kerry Millard arrived with her wonderful artwork for the Countdown 6 poem ‘Chooks' by Janeen Brian and the Orbit 6 poem ‘Honeybees' by Paul Fleischman. We crowded around while Kerry talked about the fun she'd had trying to show both the outside and inside of a chook house along with all the chooks themselves. 

Kerry Millard with The School Magazine teamKerry does most of her work for the magazines in ink and watercolour and has a great knack of using white space well to set off her menageries. With her veterinary background, Kerry has a great knowledge of animals and this, combined with her brilliant humour (she's also an accomplished cartoonist) means that her illustrations of living creatures are imbued with both a fabulous realism and a great sense of fun. 


A sample of Kerry's work


- 7 May 2012