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One wonderful benefit of turning 100 are the tributes and good wishes from so many people. Recently, we received what felt like a wonderful gift. Poet Jackie Hosking collated a Poetry Blog Tour of poets who have been published in The School Magazine. She did this to mark World Poetry Day, and as a tribute to us.

Thank you to Janeen Brian, Lorraine Marwood, Sophie Masson, Sally Murphy, Rebecca Newman, Claire Saxby, Tricia Simmons, Julie Thorndyke, Stephen Whiteside and Yvonne Low for your tributes.

If you take the tour, you'll discover, as we did, how many of these poets acknowledge that The School Magazine has played a significant role in fostering their writing careers. As Janeen Brian writes, ‘There's a deep, satisfying thrill that comes with having your work both accepted [by the editor] and then illustrated by such wonderful creators …'

Thank you to all the writers and illustrators who have been so integral to the success of The School Magazine!

The School Magazine team

1 April 2016 

Ride the rhythm by Janeen Brian