Planning a double celebration!

Class in the Royal Botanic GardensWe are planning a joint birthday celebration with the soon-to-be 200-years-old Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, and we are mighty excited! During 2016 The School Magazine will celebrate all the creative possibilities which lie within the Botanic Gardens' peaceful and beautiful grounds with a series of feature articles.

Sue Murray and I met Sophie Daniel, Team Leader of the RBG's Community and Education Programs and Volunteer Program Manager, Donna Osland, to plan some four or five articles on the wonders of Sydney's magic Gardens. That was the plan, but we left with enough material for forty or fifty fascinating articles! (The Dragon's Blood Tree, anyone? How about the sweetest plant in the world? Or the Wishing Tree and its grandchild?) We must now make some hard choices in the writing. A beautiful morning in a beautiful space with two women who keep the tradition of gardens as spaces where plants and people alike grow—we were spoiled with so much inspiration!

Anna McHugh 15 October 2015



Meeting in Royal Botanical Gardens